God, You Are My Light And I Will Forever Follow You

LifeLike Creations
LifeLike Creations

On the rainy days I had no idea where I was heading, You gave me shelter to stay dry. On the darkest hours I was blinded by my misleading thoughts, You led me to Your light. On the split-second I was about to give up, You pushed me to keep going.

I don’t know what I did to deserve Your patience and Your grace but through my ever-lasting faith You assured me that I’m Your child and You will never give up on me.

So often I get soaked up in the worldliness and I become so tempted to detach my grip on Your hands and embark into wilderness—I am sorry.

I am sorry that I get caught up in what I hear rather than listening to Your word. I am sorry that I promise not to use Your name in vain, but I utter “oh my God” the next day a hundred times and laugh at the joke referencing You.

I am sorry that I can’t let go of the sin I keep asking You to forgive me for.

I am sorry that I can stay awake watching films on Netflix until dawn but easily fall asleep as I pray to You at night. I am sorry that some days I can’t perform an act of kindness to my brothers and sisters but expect them to do so for me.

I am sorry for not being selfless enough to help those who are in need. I am sorry for deliberately ignoring You when I was drinking on a Friday night.

I am so sorry for all the letdowns, for being hard-headed, for the countless disappointments.

But thank You, my dearest Lord.

Thank You for staying by my side during those long nights that I couldn’t put myself to sleep. Thank You for making me jump to my feet like a kid when I achieved something I’ve always dreamed about. Thank You for placing friends in my life who nurtured and guided me to my fullest potential. Thank You for allowing me to witness the world outside my comfort zone and widening my perspective to realize that the earth is actually a safe place. Thank You for showing me that one big mistake isn’t the end of my world. Thank You for building walls between me and the person who will eventually inflict more heartaches.

Thank You for blessing me, but also giving me the most horrible times that pressed me to try again for another tomorrow.

Thank You for the tranquility in this life full of reservations.

You are a wonderful God who’s infinitely forgiving and forever blessing us more than what we merit. You are the sun at the end of every tunnel.

You are the inspiration of the hope we should be giving out to the world. You are the master to the creative souls who produced life to art and incredible minds who built connections between people in remote distances. You are the kind of love we truly deserve.

You are the reason for each second of time, each inhale of breath.

You are the life.
You are the light.
You are the way.

And I want to forever follow You. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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