8 Things That Open-Minded People Always Do Differently

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It’s inevitable that we will live our lives with constant hardships that test who we are, our morals, who we want in our lives, and the paths we take. While these negative times bring us pain and suffering, it’s important to always look on the bright side of things. Stay thankful for being alive and healthy, having a home, having people who love you, eating each day. It’s a lot easier said than done, but knowing that things will always get better, subconsciously keeps your mind open for new opportunities and experiences.

I know plenty of people who are perfectly content with where they are. They married their high school sweetheart, they bought a house next to their parents, and they’re happy. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with living your life that way, that will never be me (it’s too late anyways). I find it difficult to stay somewhere for very long, I get antsy, want change, feel like I can do something so much better than where I am.

Sometimes I channel these feelings into quitting and finding a new job that is more aligned with my goals, and sometimes I just leave America and begin a tropical adventure. My mom calls me a gypsy, but I find my life filled with adventures and new opportunities around every corner. The one negative outcome of falling into this routine lifestyle is that you become very closed- minded, whether you like it or not. But have no fear, changing the way you think is possible, and it happens all of the time. Maybe you think your life already has spice, but here are just a few more reasons why opening your mind is something you should try.

1. You can adapt to anything.

Starting a new position where you don’t feel ready or moving to a country where the language is different than your own makes you realize the type of open- mindedness you possess. If you are open to being uncomfortable for some time or learning a new language, you will flourish in these types of situations. When you’re narrow-minded, you struggle to adapt here and find yourself giving up before you even try. I’ve spent hours upon hours of uncomfortable situations here in Brazil where I can’t fully be myself, but I know it’s just temporary. I also have the support from my friends here, who possess great patience of my slow progress and make me feel confident about speaking and messing up every sentence. It has been quite the journey, but worth it.

2. You get more opportunities.

Living in a world that is flooding with opportunities, it is important to consider all that you could be given. If you’re set on just staying in the same state for your whole life, you will definitely miss opportunities that could bring you places you never even thought existed.

3. You stop complaining.

When you begin accepting yourself, the choices you make, and what you want to do with your life, you will stop complaining almost simultaneously. When you are more tolerant to change and realize what you do and don’t need, your annoyance and burdens are lifted off of your shoulders, and you can see what really matters in life more clearly.

4. You enjoy the little things.

See the world for what it is, no matter where you are. Step away from social media, the internet, your electronics, and spend time with those you love. The most fun I have had with my boyfriend is when our power and water went out and we spent the night talking. The simple act of talking, something we do every day, brought me so much joy in that moment. Nowadays, it’s rare to just meet up with an old friend and talk, someone is always touching their phone. I’m guilty of this as well.

5. You know what you want.

When you have nothing holding you back, the world is your empty parchment. You make obtainable/ crazy goals, and you meet them. You know what you’re looking for in friends, significant others, and you won’t settle for people in your life who are self-destructive or selfish.

6. You try crazy things.

You aren’t afraid of doing something that other people think is nuts. You live in the moment, take chances, do what you want to do, no matter what. There are different types of open minded people; people who are down to explore something new that is safe and easy, and people who are down to try something life changing. I grew up deathly afraid of the ocean. Here in Brazil, I jump off cliffs into the ocean, swim in deep water and love every minute of it.

7. You make the impossible, possible.

If I received a dollar for every time someone asked me how I made my abroad trip possible, I could fly to Europe right now. Set achievable goals, put money aside, buy a ticket with enough time in advance to make it possible, and go. It’s really not that difficult. I think there are people who really want to experience travel and see new places, but deep down they are afraid or just cannot plan to save their life. If you really want to do something, you’re going to make it happen.

8. You’re accepting.

Whether it be gay marriage or controversial topics such as politics and abortion, you’re tolerant of other people’s beliefs, even if they’re different from your own. You’re accepting of people if they look different than you, and try to remind yourself that above all, we are all one race, and that is human.

There are so many different reasons why you should be open-minded, yet those who are closed will never learn. I think it’s important to analyze your life choices and current situation to see if you’re truly happy. The easiest way to understand the world around you, see the beauty in everything and view people without judgment, is to be open-minded. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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