6 Ways To Improve The Quality Of Your Life That You’re Completely Capable Of Doing

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Sometimes life rocks us with unmerciful hardships, and we struggle to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Recently, I have witnessed/read a lot of negativity, which is not uncommon during the dead of winter and this whole presidential debacle. Although I am nowhere near where I want to be as far as positivity is concerned, I feel like writing down my thoughts and sharing them not only helps improve my quality of life, but hopefully, the quality of others.

1. Weather affects your mood.
Don’t argue me on this. Twenty four years in Wisconsin, with brutal winters and blazing summers, I’ve experienced first-hand how my mood is different in the varying seasons. Grey skies for 3+ months put me into an unhealthy place, both mentally and spiritually. I could’ve moved to Florida or California, but I’m dramatic, so I went all the way to the tropics of Brazil. Although I still have my morning crabbiness, I know the sun helps me embrace change better and live a life constantly thankful for what I’ve been able to experience thus far. If you love winter, GREAT, live somewhere cold. But I know for me, I need to have constant sun or I am miserably wrapped in a blanket.

2. Work towards ways to be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
All aspects of your health need to be nurtured to ensure a happy and healthy life. I say this in almost all of my blogs, but working out 3+ times per week and attempting to eat healthy daily will enhance your physical health, which goes hand in hand with your emotional health as well. I couldn’t even count the number of times working out put me in a better mood when I was upset or stressed. Find ways to boost your emotional health as well: whether it’s through reading positive articles, working out your brain or surrounding yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Spiritual health can be strengthened through daily mantras, meditation, prayer, whatever it is that makes you feel one with yourself and relax your brain from the constant chaos in your brain.

3. Help those in need/volunteer. Giving back to those in need is one way to not only feel good about yourself, but truly improve someone else’s quality of life. No, I do not mean volunteer and then post it all over social media that you gave a homeless person $100 or helped raise money. Be modest, give without needing something in return; you will reap the benefits.

4. Always find ways to better yourself
. Keep a list of goals and continue to achieve/add onto those. Whether you want to lose weight, live healthier, be kinder, take a break from social media, find a better job, etc. Only you can change you. Meaning, if you want something enough, you can make it happen. Personally, if I really want to do something, you’re not going to stop me from doing it. So many people have asked me how I am able to have money to travel and say that they “wish they could do that.” Stop wishing and start doing. Save money and buy a plane ticket; it’s as simple as that.

5. De-stress.
I am an extremely stressed and anxious person… especially when it comes to flying (I am guessing no one believes me because I basically live in airports). But before leaving South America last June, I was so stressed about coming home that I literally got myself sick. The best tactics that worked for me were anti-anxiety yoga, meditation (both on YouTube), and long distance running. Of course everyone is different, so find something that works for you personally!

6. Get out of the routine.
Following a routine is extremely convenient and difficult to escape. It’s easy to wake up, eat, work, eat, gym, eat, sleep. Not only does this leave you in a rut that halts self growth, but it makes the time go by extremely fast. Live in the moment, make bucket lists, try to do something new every single day. All of these ways to improve your quality of life must be done by you. We live in a selfish world. Nobody is going to constantly make sure you have the utmost positive life. The only person that is going to change you, is you. Take this advice, write it down, remind yourself daily, improve your life, help others, connect with people who want to connect with you. And thank me for giving you these lil tips. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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