5 Things We Will Do Or Talk About In Front Of Our Boyfriends, But Not Our Crushes

1. Pooping and Farting

When we’ve been in a relationship for a while, it all comes out. We’re human. When we have to go we have to go. And sometimes holding in a fart really is challenging. Obviously we will try super hard around a new crush not to show this side. But after we’ve been seeing you and sleeping with you – if you can blast a smelly odor, so can we. Also, occasionally poop is just fun to talk about.

2. How hairy our legs are

Shaving takes so much time. It’s an annoying hassle. And forget about the winter when our legs never show anyway. I’ll shave my armpits, but my legs will most likely have an extra coat for the winter. Sometimes we think this is fascinating and will say, “Wow look at how hairy my legs are!!” to you. Nothing to fear, once it’s long enough it gets soft anyway.

3. Periods

“That time of the month” is often a taboo subject. Trust me, we don’t like it anymore than you do. But, unfortunately, we can’t really help it. Sometimes we are going to cramp so hard our uterus feels like it’s going to burst at any given time, and we’ll let you know. We might get stuck in your bathroom with no tampons and ask you to get some. It’s natural and something boyfriends will get use to.

4. Cry

A little more on the serious side, crying in front of boyfriends will happen. Maybe we’re overwhelmed or maybe we are just having an emotional week. Whatever the reason, we will bawl out eyes on in front of you and look like a mess. I’m talking snot coming out of the nose and eyes and cheeks a puffy red and dry.

5. Pop a zit

Even thought we’re not exactly suppose to do this, it can be quite entertaining and satisfying. When you find a good one or one that is being difficult, you just have to pop it right then. And we won’t really care that your our boyfriend or that we’re in your bathroom. Sure it may leave our skin a little irritated for a bit, but it’s well worth it in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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