Despite Everything, Our Love Still Remains

Dmitry Ratushny
Dmitry Ratushny

There are days and moments when you can’t stop thinking about a person, how they’ve been doing, where they’ve been going and who they’ve been hanging out with. There are times that we want to hear their crazy stories and we want to stare at their innocent smile. There are days, and there are moments, where we feel like we want to escape the world and forget about everything. Get lost with someone who we know would never judge us and would always understand.

Missing someone is a thing we have gotten used to. It’s a thing we’ve been forced to get used to.

It’s not easy to forget someone, and actually you don’t have to forget them because you don’t forget the people who used to love you. You just have to get over them. Sometimes you have to hold yourself back. You have to accept that you already had your moments together and now it’s time to move on and know that you will always have a hold on each other’s lives, you will always be a part of each other.

Most of us know that for someone to move on, one needs to know how to accept and let go. Give it some time. All wounds take time to heal and most of your wounds leave nothing but scars. And just like Meredith Grey once told us, some wounds we carry with us everywhere and though the cut’s long gone, the pain still lingers. And yes, maybe your old wounds teach you something.

They remind you where you’ve been and what you’ve overcome.

In order to let go, you may have your one last cry, let the tears be the proof that your love was real but now you are choosing yourself. For the longest time, you blame yourself for the love that’s gone. Now it’s time to forgive yourself from all the things you have done that caused him/her to leave. You must free yourself from whatever reason that caused the heartbreak or the pain. Stop overthinking on what you could have said to make them stay.

At some point, you will realize that the longer you keep feeling that it was your fault, the harder it will be for you to move on. It’s time to tell yourself that everything happens for a reason and maybe things happened for the both of you to move forward and to be a better version of yourselves. It’s time to let go because it’s been too long. The day has come to call the time of death on this one. You know in your heart what’s right from wrong, so stop believing that the next time could be different. Patterns are patterns, for once stop the cycle and get real.

It’s time to let go because you’re not gaining anything from this anymore, you’re just torturing yourself.

Stop trying so hard to distract yourself to forget the pain he/she caused you. Your memories and thoughts prevents you from focusing on having fun and meeting new people. Tell yourself that it’s time for you to forgive yourself for being a fool, and that now you know better. Accept that it is over. Stop living in the past. Stop yourself from drowning in your own tears. Accept that no matter how beautiful your story was, it has to end. This time you have to close the book and just re-read your story once you’re not bothered anymore, once you get over your feelings.

Despite the hurt and the pain, also remember the good parts, the happiness. The moments that felt like they would never end, you wish for it to never end. Those were the parts you can always hold onto. Wherever they are, be happy for them. You would never want the person that means so much to you not to be okay, you never would want to hear from someone that they aren’t doing well. And maybe hope they know that they are special and they mean something to someone. Wish them well and just like before, always want the best for them. Because although everything is different now, the love still remains. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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