Love In The Age Of Tech

In the future that is now

There are countless songs of praise and

So many roaring screams

About the absolute failure of our tech

How its metallic, icy veins seem to separate us by

Waves, webs, nets

Caught, ensnared in code, and yet

There is a beauty in the binary

I can barely grasp

Tangled up as I am in the strands

Reaching out to feel the numbers drag across my skin

And yet

In awe of the color, and the sounds, and the


We can share, upload, send to

One another

A half a blink of an eye

A million different messages sent out in seconds

Every static, hectic, dragging pulse of


Of metal fire through my fingers

An orchestrated heart to beat the

Waves, webs, nets

How very large this unseen world is and

How very small our sight is to

Find one another

The coded way we do

Across these cities

Across the continents

In nothing but a moment of

Binary code

Of colors and sounds and the


That pass between us

Each day writing new code

Each day sending, retrieving your


And I don’t have to always see you

Face to face

When text, pictures, jokes make a

Temporary stopper of time

It is to feel you along the

Waves, webs, nets

Until those moments we are there

Standing before flesh

Instead of tech

But when those moments run out

And we’re once again small

In a big world

Of colors and sounds and

Oh, more words

More and more beautiful words

And in this future that is now

It makes me wonder if tech has truly failed us

Or simply made it possible for me

To feel your fire, metal words

And you to feel mine

Across billions of

Waves, webs, and nets

Coded in time Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I own a pet snake named Pluto, and I’m a huge fan of loving yourself.

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