Important Reminders To Tell Yourself When You Feel Lost

Yaoqi LAI
Yaoqi LAI

You are beautiful – with your scars, your crooked smile, your uneven ponytail, your chipped off nails and with your unsure stance. Each physical attribute represents the days you chose to be happy, to feel sad or to fight. It could even represent the unconscious decisions made for you; how it subtly but surely affected you.

You learned. From these, you learned to treat your scars by knowing the truth. You straightened your smile by accepting the truth. You let your ponytail loose, together with your negative inhibitions on reality. You filed and painted your nails to a color that will help you think of merry thoughts.

Lastly, you stood up straight with a head held high because you decided that today you will face today confidently and march forward.

You did well today. When you’ve succeeded in your attempt to get out of bed, to go to school, to go to work, to do something you said you were going to do, to visit a friend, to say sorry to a foe, to be better – take a minute to appreciate what it feels like to accomplish something you thought you could never do. Bask in that glory. If you failed today, appreciate the fact that it crossed your mind to do it. Take your time in doing so, but not too long enough for the opportunity to pass by.

You love yourself. When you decided to cleanse yourself, pick out the outfit that would accentuate your features, matched it with hair and make-up, you are doing that for yourself. Always be healthy in every aspect possible – physically, spiritually and emotionally. Think positive, eat right and pray solemnly. Celebrate every victory with a reward to yourself for a job well done. Take the time to go to an amusement park and ride that something you didn’t have the guts to when you were young. Eat a different cuisine, one you’ve always wanted to try and never wanted to try. Or you could just cuddle up on your bed with a dozen of pillows, no alarm set and just sleep peacefully.

You are in control of what happens in your life – not your parents, your significant other, your friends, your colleagues nor strangers from the comment section. It is wise to seek the counsel and advice of your dearly beloveds to guide your way, but it is you who will forge your path through uncertainty and doubt. Never fear the unknown because in reality, even subconsciously, you know a thing or two about it. Attack the situation at hand through your safe zone, then branch out for new learnings and new people.

It is okay. No amount of mistakes and screw-ups will ever crucify you forever.

Cry to the winds, shout on a pillow, sing out-of-tune in the showers, stare blankly at the floor. It is okay. It means you’re human. You are not perfect. Though getting up and fixing up with intent what happened wrong would be the perfect response in the entire universe.

You are okay. No one may ever know your full story or the intensity of your emotions, but always know that they are valid for someone somewhere out there has experienced or is going the same ordeal as you are. You may have to go through it alone. Maybe that will be the best part of it all – no unwanted opinions, no I-told-you-so, no sarcastic advices. Just your unique self cozying up to the idea of you.

Smile, little darling. You have your entire life waiting for you. Don’t cut it short. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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