On Shaming What Others Share

Honestly I don’t really get why people make fun of or question what others post on Instagram. It’s obvious that no one’s life is perfect and that we all go through struggles and hardships at times. To say that a person is “fake” because they choose to post pictures of moments that seem trivial or “basic” or whatever is honestly stupid. How people choose to portray themselves is not your problem. If you don’t like what someone posts, simply don’t follow them. We have freedom of speech in this country for a reason. Have you thought about how maybe this person posting a picture of a sunset or a coffee cup is trying to tell you a story about their life? Maybe they’re appreciating the “little things” in life more than you are. Maybe they’re choosing to focus on the things that put a smile on their face, the things that make them smile when everything else around them is crumbling down.

Personally, I post things for this reason. Not to get validation from anyone but to simply show a happy part of my life. I assume that if people didn’t care about it then they simply wouldn’t choose to follow me on social media. Maybe that place, that thing reminded someone else of something. Maybe they’ve been there before and hey, we can connect over the shared experience. Goddammit maybe a cupcake I bought just looked freakin’ pretty and I felt like taking a picture! I don’t understand what the big deal is.

The point is, ridiculing or shaming someone for a simple picture is a way of bullying. And bullying, my friends, is not cool. Just enjoy life and let people share their lives with you. Criticizing someone for these things is petty and doesn’t make you a better person so please just get over it and follow or unfollow whoever you want! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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