What It’s Like To Be A Flight Attendant (And Have The Best Job Ever)

Flickr / Kevin Dooley
Flickr / Kevin Dooley

I am a flight attendant … and boy can it cause some ruckus at home!

Almost 9 months ago, I made a drastic change in careers. I went from working a 9-5pm, or should I say a 9-9pm social worker job, to becoming a flight attendant. There’s a whole story behind why I did so – but let’s stick to the facts of what’s been happening since then.

I love my job, my new career. Most people say being a flight attendant is not a career, but hell yea it is! I ensure safety of everyone on the plane, I get people to their families, and I get to work with crews for all over. I meet hundreds of people every week and hey if I don’t show up, your airplane might not take off without me.

My boyfriend and family like to think my new job is something that I won’t be doing forever. That it’s not possible to do once you grow up and have a family. Sorry guys, it is totally possible. How do you think all the other flight attendants do it? What about pilots? How different are their schedules / lifestyles except the obvious fact that they are actually behind the controllers of a plane. They’re in the same boat, or shall I say plane, as me.

It’s not that we are never ever home either. That we don’t ever have children, a family, or someone to come home to. I’m sick of hearing people discriminate against the position.

So let me tell you what’s it’s all about and how this is one of the best careers in the world to have forever until I die.

First and foremost, my argument is our most flexible schedules. I work domestic flights which I know is a bit different from international flying. I’m gone for usually 3 nights max and then come home. International flight schedules usually last six days out of home base and your days off are when you are laying over in another country. However the case, we have flexibility to drop out work or swap our trips. Does anyone else have that flexibility? I just made my schedule be 16 days off this month. Can you work as little as me?

Of course there needs to be another flight attendant to pick up the work, which is why we have them “on call” and staffed. But hey, I get minimum 11 days off per month even if I get my “full workload”.

Now what other position would allow me to have that much time for my future children and family? No one…I know flight attendants who are off for weeks at a time to be with their children. If I were in an office job, that would not fly easily, or at all!

Secondly, the pay. My boyfriend actually asked me how am I going to pay for my children with my pay? How was I going to pay for my children with my last jobs’ pay? Social worker remember – crap pay and hardly any movement or raises. Actually after I reach my 1 year work anniversary, I will be making as much as I did at the old job I left!

Plus to keep a bit of secrecy here, but we have a good Union. That’s all you need to know regarding being set up for the future.

Thirdly. I hate hearing the words that “I disappear”. No I do not disappear. I use my flight benefits and go see the world. Sorry I can’t take you with me because my benefits allow for spouses, children and parents only. Lots of airlines made away with buddy passes since you all would get stuck overseas or over in cities for days at a time since you’re the last priority to get on a plane. So hell yes, I’m taking advantage of my benefits.

Right now as I’m writing this I’m on the plane to Austin, Texas to see my friend there for one day and come back home. I will get on a plane and go see my grandma in Poland this year without spending $1600 on a plane ticket. And if anyone croaks God forbid, I can be there Ina few hours.

So tell me this, why such the bad feedback on being a flight attendant?

I am more flexible, stable, and have more perks than many other people. When I have children, of course I will spend more time at home. But if I’m not happy and I stop doing what I love, which foremost is ensuring safety to others on a plane while traveling, I won’t be a good mother. If others can have children and make it work, so can I.

Then we can go to Disney for free, haters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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