You Were My Beautiful Nightmare

You Were My Beautiful Nightmare
Denys Argyriou

Every night I try to reminisce us
And slowly i forget the moments we’ve shared

But the places we’ve been to
The food we ate together
And the songs we sang
Make me remember

Little by little your picture fades in my mind
But my heart keeps flashing it back

I try not to cry on my shower
Denying the fact that
I miss you

And the more it gets harder when I resist thinking of you before I sleep.
The day I’ve waited is finally coming,
The day I’ll ask myself why I fell in love with you

And it frightens me how I have no clue
When my heart beats fast only for you.

And maybe this could be the opposite side,
Now you’ve gone nothing but a feeling,
And when the memory of you I used to hold on
Is beginning to disappear.

I’ll wake up the next morning,
Wondering about this missing piece

And I hope,
You’ll walk towards me
And make me recall the wonderful
Love I once had.

Because I am scared,
I wouldn’t be able to feel it anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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