4 Reasons Why 20-Somethings Need To Stop Trying To Make Introversion A “Thing”

As a self-diagnosed introvert myself, I can tell you this much: simply put, being an introvert isn’t always, if ever, what Buzzfeed would have you believe. It’s not always, if ever, ironic or cute, and it’s not always, if ever, pertaining to anything Netflix-related.

1. If you didn’t Instagram it, did it really happen?

The fact that I don’t enjoy a lot of the same things as that of most 20-somethings gets to be really, really annoying really, really fast. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy a night out every now and again (You know, ragin’ face with my bros), but rather, more often than not I prefer spending my night catching up on some reading or, you know, writing a spellbinding listicle for Thought Catalog (Disclaimer: this is being written at 12 p.m.). But the fact of the matter is that you can’t take Instagram of either of those things (or rather shouldn’t), therefore making you subsequently irrelevant to the universe.

2. “A Beautiful Mind” isn’t always a sane one

Sometimes introverts end up becoming very antisocial on account of their propensity to be alone. Introvert or extrovert, spending that much time by yo’ self just ain’t healthy—in other words, take note of John Nash. That said, I often find myself becoming similarly tunnel-visioned in pursuit of achieving a given goal of mine that I end up neglecting the importance of social interaction, as ridiculous as that sounds. That is, it’s just something I’ve got to keep in check on regular basis in spite of my natural aversion. Because you know, ugh*, people.

3. Netflix: everyone’s doin’ it

Even considering all the time introverts spend alone, being an introvert is not (dare I say “never”) synonymous with rain checkin’ a night out on the town to order a pizza and binge-watch Netflix, as previously stated. Everyone does that now and again (Well, unless you don’t have Netflix. In which case, I will pray you’re “House of Cards”-less soul).

4. I have nothing clever to say about this one…

Last but not least, introverts are not (always) the stereotypical, anxiety-ridden agoraphobics society would have you believe. I mean, I think I speak for most introverts when I say that the majority of our time spent alone resonates greatly in learning. For example, just last week I single handedly taught myself how to read Russian in a matter of a couple hours—and not because I’m smart, but on account of the fact that I genuinely enjoy learning new things most especially outside of the classroom and on my own time.

So what have we learned today, children? Well, at the end of the day, introvert or extrovert, it ain’t nothin’ but a thang. You either are or you aren’t, no biggie. Just know the difference and do you. In other words, Gretchen, stop trying to make being an introvert happen. It’s not going to happen! #TheEnd Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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