It’s Time For Women To Grow Up And For Men To Back Off


We girls get a lot of pain and a lot of blame when it comes to hormones.

You could say it’s just part of the territory of being blessed with what many people think to be the more visually pleasing sex of the species.

While we all have them I happened to be one of the few and might I say luckier girls to have fewer of them. Let me repeat that word, fewer.

I had the pleasure of cockily standing by the sidelines and balking at all those “hormonal” women giving my sex a bad name. I can’t even say i’ve been angelic enough to not have judged women occasionally (just kidding, I judged them all the time) for it.

It wasn’t until recently that I was made subject of these hormones myself. Pregnancy I say, not as fun as all those mommy crazy women make it out to be.

Really though.

But back to the point, if nine months of uncontrollable hormone surges isn’t enough to change a girls perspective I don’t know what is.

I think there needs to be some clearing up of things though.

1. Yes, hormones do make us a little crazy (give it up girls). Not in the way dismissing boyfriends like to think though.

Having an immense amount of hormones running through your system simply exaggerates all the emotions a woman would already be feeling.

Personally, I am the most honest when having one of my “hormonal surges”. I am admittedly a bit more brash/blunt and even a little harsher at times than I ought to be but everything I say happens to be the closest to the truth anyone would get from me.

2.The reason we hate it when men blame our actions on our hormones or our “time of the month” is because, hormonal or not. Women are in fact MORE than their hormones.

They do not make us different people, and we are not so simple as to be downplayed by to many “feels”.

3. Women who use their hormones as an excuse…well, here is a personal plea just for them.

GIRLS, please. Get a hold of yourselves. Granted some of us have it worse than others, but I think you’ve used up all your hormone cards by the time you’re a freshman in college. We may have more bodily issues to deal with than men but after 20 years of living with it, that’s just what life is for us and it’d be really great if some of us could get a grip.

If you are having an especially rough time, be responsible, be willing to admit you may be a little off your game or more re-active and please, have the courtesy to take some time to gather yourself if needed. You might actually earn yourself some well appreciated respect from people you never knew were paying attention.

A level-headed woman can be rare in our times, let’s change that.

4. To all the men who like a girl with some extra sass or frankly just a huge rack…please take a moment to realize that these features generally(as in tend to) come paired with an extra dose of hormones than the average woman.

So unless they are faux, please realize you may need to be a little more extensive with your patience or understanding at times. You don’t get bigger fun bags without bigger back problems, bigger hormones, and sometimes the need for a bigger man who can give his woman the right amount of lovin when it’s needed.

We’ve already got woman out there losing their shit and making us look bad,we don’t need men adding to that. It’s supposed to be a dog eat dog world, not a female bashing brunch. Or did I get the wrong invite? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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