Read This When You Can’t Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

Comparison is the demise of the mind. It creates a dulling of the creative senses and makes it difficult to satisfy your dreams. The idea that another’s life is more fulfilling than yours is the most nonsensical thought. For you will never be them. And in turn, they will never be you. Your path is only made once.

You are susceptible to comparison. The feeling comes over you like a small itch then cascades into a full rash running down your body. Your body burns red with envy.

There is comfort in knowing that this is pointless. For all the thoughts in your mind this is one thought that comes into focus most often and yet it is the most meaningless.

Regrets and comparison are interchangeably useless. You can’t remove regrets because they have already changed you. You learn when it hurts, just as a child that touches a boiling pot. You must touch it to learn.

Let go of everything that doesn’t inspire you. Be your own biggest fan. People will disappoint you. You will disappoint others.

Remove these useless thoughts from your brain and make room for the creative ones. The ideas that wake you up in the middle of the night are worth keeping.

Dream without limits. Dream about it enough that it is too uncomfortable to let the dream not become reality.

Your dreams will change. Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Keep the dreams that sit in your gut everyday. The dreams that won’t leave you no matter how much time passes.

Understand your desires and make a choice. Uncertainty of an idea is the absence of desire. Make a decision and keep it. Cultivate it and perfect it.

You must produce the change you want. You are not able to change without first letting go. You must let go of everything that will hold you back whether it is negativity, procrastination, love, or self-doubt. Let it go.

Everyone will feel this way and if you let this simple distraction deter you from changing, let the dream go, because it was never yours to begin with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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