Let’s Retire The Fist Pump: Why Jersey Shore Really Didn’t Need To Come Back

Jersey Shore Family Vacation

2018 has been the years of revivals; from American Idol, Roseanne, TRL and more. Although, I find it highly unlikely that anyone had Jersey Shore on the top of their list for revivals. Yet, the show not only came back but was renewed for a second season before the current season even aired. Where did the demand come from? Jersey Shore Road Trip was a short docu-series that aired in 2017 without Ronnie, Vinny, and Deena. Shortly thereafter reports came out that MTV and the cast were negotiating a reunion series.

For six years the cast fist punched across our screens in the Jersey Shore, Miami, and even Italy. This was the era of orange skin and puffed hair, and it wasn’t Donald Trump. The cast was called trashy and Chris Christie even said they did not represent New Jersey. Yet, they have earned millions through the show, product sponsorships, and their business ventures. They are cultural icons in their own right. According to MTV, nearly 10 million people viewed the premiered.

I was one of those 10 million viewers, as I watched the series when it originally aired. Do I consider it a guilty pleasure? Yes, but I also find the transformation of the cast members astonishing. The cast members were known for their drunken behavior that ranged from hookups, hot tub rendezvous, and lots of fights. I assumed that the new season would not have the same antics, considering the returning female cast members are all married, two of which are moms. All four of the male cast members returned; two of them are in relationships, Ronnie is expecting a child, and Pauly is the only single cast member.

The episodes that have aired have shown that the girls prefer wine over hard alcohol now. The night camera is the “smoosh room” has yet to be used yet. It was an essential part of the original show. Yet, the most recent episode that aired on April 19th showed that not too much has changed. The guys brought back a bunch of girls from the club, the hot tub was used, and there were multiple fights. They still “GTL”, which is a routine of going to the gym, doing laundry, and tanning. The duck phone is back, and so is Sammi! Well, a doll version of her that is.

Although I do find the show entertaining like I did when it first aired. I do think that this is one of the shows that did not need to come back.

In light of the recent #MeToo movement, the antics in the show no longer seem humor. Girls who are drunk and in their undergarments in a hot top while a bunch of older rich guys look on is not a good look. As a society, we have become more aware of certain behaviors that are unacceptable. Many of those behaviors made Jersey Shore as popular as it once was. That being said, I think it is time to retire the fist pump era. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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