Please, Don’t Commit Suicide The World Needs You Desperately

If you are contemplating suicide, get help at the number below immediately.

My friend, please don’t give up, because we desperately need you.

Suicidal people are the ones that we need alive the most right now – do you hear me? WE NEED YOU.

You feel things DEEPLY – you see things POWERFULLY. It feels like a weakness right now, like a death sentence… but I swear, it’s the greatest strength that you have. Your compassion – your empathy – that’s your calling and you can either embrace it or cut it short.

But please don’t… we need you to hold on just a little bit longer.

Hold on, because we need your gifts. The world is not right, and you know it. You don’t fit in, because you can’t… You were never meant to.

This society is sick. And you are a crucial part of the cure.


You are one of the few who can change it. And you’re not alone. There are so many of us out there: we see a broken world that needs healing, we feel trapped in a place where we are misunderstood, unappreciated or incapable of sharing our truest selves, we may be depressed or medicated, alone or overwhelmed, but the whole future is in our hands. And we can change things, for each other, for good.

I know it’s dark right now. You may not see it, but I swear to you, that there is a brighter light in you, a light so pure that darkness would never recover if you were to unleash it. Feel it. Look for it. Look for it, like your life depends on it.

You have incredible, untapped potential, probably unseen by many people around you, and I know that it is absolutely killing you.



You are the future healer, prophet, activist, writer, poet, musician, artist, lover, father, mother, and creator of a better world. Not this one – a better one. That’s where you belong – that’s why your soul is crying out, every day, every second, so loud that you can’t ignore it.


You know you were meant for so much more. And you are absolutely right.

Don’t give up. Not yet.

Do whatever it takes – do anything – to keep yourself alive until you feel safe again. Remember: that child you once were, who laughed and cried and loved unconditionally, who looked around with wonder and joy, who embraced life and all of the wonder it held – that is your true state of being, and you still carry that innocence within you. It is worth protecting. It is worth preserving. It is worth fighting for. Your true self remains in you, reliant upon your choices now.

So hold on with both fists, with white knuckles, with a death grip – hold on with all of your might! Fight for it! This life in your hands was a gift, it’s yours, chosen for you and you alone, and it’s your chance to help heal, to help fix this dying, polluted, fucked up world that we’ve created, and return it to its true beauty and restore the sense of balance that we so desperately need.

Nobody blames you for anything. Please, don’t feel guilty. Take a breath. Take a moment to center yourself. You are strong., obviously – you have made it this far. You could go so much further. It feels hard, but it will get better, I promise. Nothing in this world is permanent, and you know it. These moments of pain are fleeting, but hold out. Protect yourself, even if it’s from yourself. It will be worth it.

Let yourself feel the pain, and feel it deeply – but don’t let it control you. Accept the fear, the frustrations – but don’t let them force you to do anything your soul would reject. Don’t hurt yourself.

It’s not just your imagination. You are not crazy. Many of us see it too – people are isolated, sick, disconnected, lonely, diseased. I won’t lie to you. There is a lot of pain here, there is a lot that needs fixing, a lot that deserves our emotions, our empathy but… don’t give up on the rest of us. Recognize that none of the problems of our society reflects on you. You did not create the problems. And if you feel that somehow you did, just know that you are not responsible for the past – only for the present. Only for what you choose now. In every moment, you are offered a fresh start. Take it. Choose to heal, not destroy.

Those problems – they are not you. You feel how WRONG it all is. And you are right to feel that way. Your pain is real, it’s valid, your frustrations and fears are perfectly rational, but they are not YOU. You are so much more than whatever you are feeling, whatever you might think about yourself right now. You are not your thoughts. You feel because you care. Turn that sense of deep caring inward: love yourself as you are, because I promise that you deserve that love more than anyone. You are valuable. You are here for a reason. You are capable of so much more! And we need you to hold on to whatever you can.

Hold on to whatever goodness you can find. Hold on to anything that remains hopeful for you – perhaps the beauty in a sunset, the joy of loving your friends or family, the promises of your own beliefs, the possibilities of the future… Find that goodness. Find it in another person, in a creature, in whatever the hell you can.

Because we need you.

Please – don’t give up on us. Not yet. We need you. And don’t give up on yourself either. There are other options.

With all of my love, and all of my compassion,

I wish you nothing but peace, light, and release from your suffering, my friend.

“The light within me sees and honors the light within you”.



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (24 hour, toll free)

Crisis Text Line:
Text START to 741-741 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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