10 Career Changing Tips for Actors

I’ve been in the entertainment industry for a few years now, so I know thing or two about how it all works. And I want to help you. So trust me when I say if you follow this advice, you will advance your acting career by lightyears:

1. Don’t do too much.  Stop overacting!  It isn’t acting, it’s REACTING! Keep it simple, Stupid!

2. You can’t just do nothing.  Then it’s all one note.  Don’t flat line!  You have to be doing something to be interesting!

3. The casting directors really appreciate when you take the time to mail them a thank you note with your headshot on it for that latest audition opportunity or workshop.  It shows a personal touch and that you took the time to care.

4. My gosh, do not mail casting directors your cheap, little thank you notes with your headshots on it.  You think they have endless space in their office for your cheap clutter?

5. If you run into a casting director in a public place, be friendly!  Say hello.  We are just people after all, in the same business trying to succeed.  It’s an acting community!

6. If you see a casting director out at a coffee shop AVOID EYE CONTACT!  LOOK THE OTHER WAY.  If you say hello, they are sure you want something from them and are expecting special favors and they do not have time for that crap.

7. This is not a hobby. If you’re going to be in this business, you better be willing to sacrifice family, career, and normalcy in order to refine your craft.  This is not a game and if you think it is, then you are in the wrong field.

8. You can’t just be a focused actor.  How are you even an interesting person?  You need to be out there exploring new hobbies, having more relationships.  It’s only in living life that you gain the experience that makes you a real person in front of the camera.  Stop being so boring!

9. Always bring 1 headshot/resume to every audition unless more are specifically requested.  This ensures that you have something to hand the casting director so that they can say “we’re not taking headshots at this audition.”

10. You must be in an acting class.  You must know how to access those deep emotions within you. That way when you get called in for an audition you know how to act like you’re serving someone coffee.  I mean, react like you’re serving someone coffee.    Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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