This Is An Open Letter To My Ex Best Friend

It has been months since we last talked; who would have guessed that would ever happen? I still remember the point in time where we couldn’t go a few hours without at least exchanging a pointless text message. So much has happened since we last talked and I’ve wanted to tell you about it all, but you’re no longer the person you promised you would always be.

Don’t think I have forgotten all about you, because I haven’t. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wonder what you are up to. I sometimes scroll through our old photos and remember our past together. Its so weird, growing up with you by my side, I never thought I would lose you. You were in all my plans for my future, but people change.
You changed.

And I guess I can’t really blame you for that. As we grow up, we become the people we are meant to be and unfortunately who you became was not the person I needed in my life any longer.

The person who was supposed to always have my back was suddenly talking behind it. The person who was supposed to be a phone call away, no longer responded. Endless hours of conversations turned into one-word texts. We were growing apart and no matter how much we tried to fight it, one of us had to eventually accept it,

It was when I realized that being around you made me unhappy that I knew I had to end our friendship. Never in a million years would either of us have seen this coming. It was an unbreakable bond that we shared, but after countless nights of crying and never ending fights, I just had to come to terms with the fact that you weren’t good for me. You weren’t bringing any more happiness into my life.

Although it had to end this way, please don’t ever think that all these years together meant nothing to me. I will cherish them forever; our random singing, sleepovers that consisted of no sleep, adventures we shared, the nights were we laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe. You were my person and I will always remember you and I will always care for you. I love you.

We each choose a path at some point in our life and unfortunately, mine no longer included you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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