He Was My Great Love, But I Was Never His

Yuliya Ginzburg

Can we finally make it? Are you really the one for me?

You loved me for about two months, you proved it through courtship. You remained true, It was September 5, 2016 when I said yes. You made me happy, but at some point our love fleeted.

So I went to visit you, at about 11 pm, ran in the middle of the night just to tell you how much I love you. I still do. At that moment I realized you were my great love. Hoping you would take me back, but you dismissed me away. Turned your back on me, ignored me for weeks. But I still loved you, I remained true.

That was only the back story

He came back, But it doesn’t feel right anymore. I keep asking myself was it because I begged him to stay? Or was it because he needed someone.
Everything has changed, the sweet tale, became cold.

He changed.

I didn’t get the same guy back, It’s an illusion. He doesn’t talk to me for hours anymore, he doesn’t call me at night anymore, he doesn’t send those long cheesy texts anymore. I thought to myself, I deserve better.

I deserve someone who won’t let me sleep in pain, someone who’d do anything to cheer me up. Someone who won’t let me slip after I tell him how much I love him. I deserve someone who knows exactly what to do to make me feel the love I deserve. And I deserve someone who’ll want to be with me for a lifetime.

He’s not the one for me.

He may be my great love, but I was never his. He was never the guy for me. We we’re two fools trying to fill in what has been broken inside of us. I need to grow up, I need to choose myself.

He can live without me, I should too. I do love him, but I deserve better. Hopefully someone who won’t make me run at 11 pm because he has already found his way to me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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