Questions That Came Up While Reevaluating My Taste In Music

Alien Ant Farm
Alien Ant Farm

Have you ever noticed that standing at a concert is more tiring than standing anywhere else?

Have you ever muted a music video?

Is it ok that the only Wu-Tang member I like without reservation is the dead one?

Is it possible to express my appreciation of Huey Lewis’s Fore without it being a reference to American Psycho?

Why does so much metal sound so melodramatic?

Is anybody still making math rock?

Has it ever crossed your mind to not like Bob Dylan?

Does it irritate you when people sing quietly to themselves?

Does anybody else secretly think the Alien Ant Farm cover of “Smooth Criminal” is slightly better than the original?

Is anybody else tired of rap?

Has anyone reading this gotten in trouble for downloading music illegally?

Am I alone in liking ELO?

Can Operation Ivy be cool again?

Is it sad that I’ll never feel the same excitement as riding my bike 6 miles to the nearest Borders to buy the new Beastie Boys CD while wearing pants with pockets big enough to fit the CD case comfortably inside?

Are there certain songs from video games you’ve unconsciously heard probably thousands of times?

Is Rancid ska?

Is Fugazi twee?

Is country awesome?

Why can’t I get into The Talking Heads even though I like their individual songs?

What is the critical perception of Dolly Parton’s cosmetic surgeries?

Was it weird when I taped my boombox to my backpack so I could ride my bike while listening to Rage Against the Machine?

Nirvana is still cool, right?

The first Foo Fighters album is cool, right?

Is it funny that of the ~4 popular singles the band 311 had in the late 90’s the lyrics of each are almost entirely concerned with attempting to define the musical genre(s) in which the song is taking place?

Did you see that video of Fred Durst performing “Nookie” at a karaoke bar?

Do you avoid any music because it’s too sad?

Do you like to heckle at shows? Have you had any good heckles?

Would you recommend reading a book about The Beatles?

Is it ok to like [artist I’m embarrassed to mention] if they make me happy?

Isn’t it sad when bands break up, even bands you don’t like?

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve gone without listening to music? Was it good?

Was Lungfish a band?

Did I ever visit the Dischord House?

Would you believe it’s possible to have a profound psychedelic experience to “Hollaback Girl”?

When did I stop liking The Who?

Is Chief Keef autistic? (My friend told me that.)

Is classical music the final frontier?

Did anybody else feel real depression when Adam Yauch died, even while acknowledging that that depression was selfish and dumb?

Does anybody else like Ween? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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