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Went To A Minor League Baseball Game

My friend and I began drinking heavily before the game started, which makes this difficult to remember. I remember the microphone didn’t work for the national anthem, but the stadium was small enough that the woman could just yell it and we could all hear it fine.

Everything I Know About Chris Webber

He was born somewhere in Michigan.  He has a mom.  He was raised in a middle-upper class milieu and attended a private high school.  This was somewhat distressing for Chris because he wanted desperately to be “hard,” but you can’t be hard playing basketball in economically-depressed Detroit if you attend a private school. 

I Have Some Questions About Hugs

What are they? Are they important? Are there different kinds of hugs? Should I hug different people differently? Should I put my arms over or under their arms? Or should one arm go over and one arm go under in a criss-cross pattern? Does it depend on height? How should I hug a girl that is taller than me?

Four Weird Interactions I’ve Had With Health Care Providers

Later that night his girlfriend broke up with him or something and I have a very clear memory of him crying in the basement and then running up a flight of stairs out of the basement, crying. I remember saying aloud “is he ok?” to which someone said “oh yeah, he does this all the time.” His dad has seen my testicles ~50 times.

What I Did the Last Four Halloweens

I remember encountering several people from one of my neuroscience classes in which I never spoke. I vaguely remember them making fun of me by asking me questions about the teacher in sarcastic tones. I also remember there was a gay guy who was grabbing me a lot while I was dancing, to the point that I had to forcibly tell him to “chill.”

I Went to a WNBA Game

Both my friends commented on how “shitty” and unimpressive Madison Square Garden is on the inside. The seats are teal and magenta. Everything else is concrete. I read somewhere that the concession stands routinely perform poorly on health inspections.

Four Times I’ve Seen People Have Seizures

We were on the subway and someone standing near us threw their water bottle into the air and collapsed onto the floor of the train. The person started shaking. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman. The train stopped at a station and I remember looking frantically from the person shaking on the floor to somewhere outside the train.