4 Fashion Tips For Men Who Don’t Know What To Wear On Their First Date

Single people have to have many first dates in order to sort out who is suitable and who is not suitable for a second date. There are no real rules for date dressing, but here are a few tips you should follow if you do not want to make a fool of yourself.

1. Dress for the date, you half-baked fool!

Don’t be the guy who turns up for every first date looking like he is going to a wedding or an important job interview. You’re meeting a woman, not the president. She may fix herself up a little, but she is unlikely to turn up in a cocktail dress with diamonds littered about her.

Dress for the date, so if you are going hiking or dog walking then wear your walking shoes. If you are going swimming or playing sports for a first date, then consider not putting any product in your hair. In addition, if you have found a woman who is prepared to go swimming on a first date then she has a tremendous sense of herself and you should probably try to keep her.

2. Wash three times, you scruffy skip rat

This is a non-negotiable fashion etiquette. It does not matter if you dress in bin bags, as this is the most important fashion tip. You need to be clean, and many men do not know what that means.

It means that you should not “have” to put deodorant or aftershave on, and it means having clean teeth. Brush your teeth before you get into the shower (for the obvious reason – think about it). Then, wash yourself three times from head to foot. Doing it three times ensures that you are so clean that you will not need any form of deodorant or aftershave. Ok, maybe once is enough.

Also, if you do wear cologne, then a light breeze is all you need. If you are anything close to “pungent” then you are going to fail, just like she is going to fail if she turns up smelling like an explosion in a flower factory.

3. Casual smart, unless you are going somewhere posh

Being smart but casual does not mean polishing your gold chains before throwing on your tank top. It means dressing so that you can go to a bar, and on to a nice restaurant if the situation calls for it. If you dress too smart then she is going to assume that this is the first date you have been on in a few years and will be instantly put off. If you dress too causal then she will assume you do not care what she thinks, or will most likely think that you are a bit of a scruff and not want to be around you.

4. Do not spend too long getting ready

Removing nose hairs and facial hair is one thing, but if your eyebrows are starting to look as if they have been drawn on then you have gone too far. Be conscious about what you wear, but remember that if you take too much time picking what to wear then she will probably know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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