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Five People You Meet On Chinatown Buses

Over the past four years I’ve regularly taken Fung Wah or Lucky Star, the so-called Chinatown bus lines, between Boston and New York and occasionally D.C. and New York. At $15 a ride, these traveling institutions attract all walks of life, and although it’s ridiculous to lump people into categories, these buses are ridiculous in and of themselves. From fires to rollovers, their four-hour rides can be quite the adventure. Here are five people you can expect to find aboard…

Email Valedictions: The Ways We Say Goodbye

The days of simply slapping a “sincerely” and a flowery signature at the end have gone the way of the handwritten letters. Nowadays, there’s pressure to squeeze every ounce of digital face time into making yourself into an unbeatable kick-ass person. The way you end an email is the last impression you give to somebody, whether it be a future employer or your roommate.