Why I Don’t Give A F*ck About Politics

Ronda Darby
Ronda Darby

As someone who once prided himself on following nearly every bit of American political news, it’s funny to say now I couldn’t care less.

Let me explain:

Back in college, I interned one summer in Washington D.C. for a news organization and landed an online internship with another news organization at the same time; I was on top of my political game and I felt like politics was something I should dedicate my life to. After a long, but fruitful summer at our nation’s capital, I took my politically-minded self back home to Dallas where I proceeded to find work amongst talk radio, which eventually led me to TV news production in 2012. Ever since, I have slowly and surely lost interest in politics. Why?

Because without fail, politics irritates, flusters, and depresses me. Watching talking heads on CNN or MSNBC shout and bloviate has proven to be too much for me. The futile attempt to debate family and friends on important issues actually solidified original stances and upset everyone in the process. Honestly, a Facebook argument isn’t going to convince anyone.

Therefore, I will leave the political debating and arguing to the professionals and therein lies the beauty of our selected form of government, the republic!

A republic consists of elected officials that represent the citizen body who come together to create a process of efficient, responsible governing. In other words, we elect a representative to go to Washington D.C. in our place and live the daily grind of politics and voting. A democracy (pronounced mob rule) on the other hand, is far more burdensome because it would require every citizen to vote on each and every piece of legislation. Can you imagine debating and voting for legislation each and every day for the rest of your life? I can’t. Thank God I don’t have to here in America.

We elect a representative to do all that work for us so that we can live normal lives. Getting a real job in the private sector, taking care of our family, paying the bills, helping our communities; that’s the life for me!
The Founding Fathers even understood the importance of electing a representative who would temporarily take a leave of absence from his normal life to work in Washington D.C., but then eventually pass the baton on to someone else. Politics wasn’t supposed to be a career for anyone! I don’t care what party you belong to; don’t make politics a career. We’re not supposed to live and breathe politics every second of every day.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still keep up on the news in order to be an informed citizen, so that the representative who best represents our values and worldview can be elected to work for us. It’s important to understand politics and the news, but I still don’t care for it. It’s a chore to read through irritating headlines from politicians I despise, but I know I still have to do it from time to time. I just don’t follow all the politics as enthusiastically as I used to.

I believe tackling culture is a far more important mission for me to undertake than keeping up on the latest platitudes President Obama or douche Donald Trump annoy me with.

I care about the culture, because I believe culture is the tail wagging the political dog.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful we have a representative form of government that saves us from daily politicking and hair-pulling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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