29 Star Fox 64 Quotes That Work In The Bedroom

  1. “Aim for the open spot.”
  2. “Let me get a piece of that action, Fox.”
  3. “Brace yourself!”
  4. “I’ll take everything below.”
  5. “I guess I should be thankful.”
  6. “Time to show the monkey who’s boss!”
  7. “Andross won’t have his way with me.”
  8. “Never give up. Trust your instincts.”
  9. “You owe me one.”
  10. “You’re too slow! Time to end this!”
  11. “I think I’ll torture you for a while.”
  12. “Starting without me? Boys, I’m crushed…”
  13. “Is that any way to treat a girl?”
  14. “Check your G-diffuser system.”
  15. “Things are starting to heat up!”
  16. “Sorry guys, I’ve gotta sit this one out.”
  17. “Ahhhhhhhh!”
  18. “Don’t relax, we’re not done yet.”
  19. “Here it comes!”
  20. “Emergency maneuvers! Get outta there!”
  21. “I’ll go it alone from here.”
  22. “I’m going to check out the bio-weapon.”
  23. “Let’s sneak in low and surprise them.”
  24. “Jeez, quit moving around!”
  25. “I guess it’s your turn to be thankful.”
  26. “Is that the best you can do?”
  27. “Jeez Louise, what is that?”
  28. “These guys just keep coming!”
  29. “Sorry to jet, but I’m in a hurry.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark
image – Starfox

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