This Is Why Even The Strongest Guys Feel Insecure

Grace Chung

We feel insecure because we’re conflicted about growing the fuck up while staying true to our youthful soul, which truly reflects our playful spirit.

We are grown into performance. Sports, physical labour, professional success, academic laurels, the army, innovation, righteousness, and sex.

We’ve been natured to think we must grow up into the fathers of mankind. In science, in law, in construction, engineering and the humanities. These are all huge endeavours.

We feel insecure because of all these challenges. We feel small because we secretly wish we were cared for and protected like in our childhood by parents.

We seek for maternal and paternal figures in the people we fall in love with.

Sometimes that leads us to believe that other people might be responsible for our upbringing in worldly affairs. We mistake our responsibilities for rights.

In order to grow, we must contribute with actions and efforts to develop both social and emotional realms. 

But we are selfish, most of the time. And lazy. We discard each deposition or clue that could prevent us from staying eternally young at heart.

We feel insecure because we’re maturing later than women. This is science.

We literally shit our pants when it comes to effort. We rarely and solely take action, we just like to take the credit.

We are jerks regardless of your zodiac sign, relationship status and birth order.

We are brave when it comes to our brevity, not our typos.

We are insecure because we mistake communication for conflict. Business wise, we are scared we might lose in negotiations because we fear conflict. In our private life, we mismatch education for critique.

We are insecure of our penis size, and shape.

We are insecure because we are surprised that life is a bit harder than we believed, so we need to stand up to it and participate in the greatest game of our lives, growing up into a human being, falling in love, starting a family, building a home, helping our children grow and still having mixed feelings.

We feel weak. And the only way to part with this weakness is accepting we have to grow up, sooner rather than later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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