These Are The Things Guys Never Tell Girls / EYEemCLOSED
  1. We have feelings, would you believe it, we are emotional creatures and handle our sentiments according to the wants and needs of our hearts.

    We listen to our hearts more than we listen to our brains – between sense and sensibility, we’re basically human. We are not afraid to seem needy sometimes because the need for love, affection and attention is nothing to be ashamed about.

  2. We take our pride very seriously.

    It stems from the belief in our core principles, rather than from our (big) egos. We’d rather lose and be proud of it, than win and for the sake of maintaining status quo.

  3. We respect girls, women, our sisters, our mothers, our girlfriends and wives.

    Not all men are sexist misogynistic narrow-minded anti-feminist brutes. We understand the complexity of the issue itself, yet we don’t entertain stupid prejudices and will always defend women against someone who would.

  4. We have a strong masculine side, also we have a feminine alter ego that helps us connect to our true self and be empathetic to our significant others.

    We can be strong(er) for you, but remember, we also need to feel protected, cared for, understood and loved for who we are.

  5. We are educated in the art of friendship.

    We will rather be friends with a girl than trouble a good relation with complicate intimations or other types of benefits.

  6. We are devoted to our girlfriends or wives and hold ourselves unavailable to other women.

    We earn your trust with great effort and intend to keep it safe. We believe in true love and faithfulness is one of our strong suits if you come to know us closely.

  7. We do not play hard to get, we sometimes are hard to get, but easy to get along with.

    Our standards are not physical, we enjoy having a connection with another human being that also happens to look pretty and smell like flowers.

  8. We are not serious all the time, to play is in our second nature.

  9. We notice you – your make-up, clothes, hair, nails, accessories and spend a number of hours to shop for something nice for you, to the best of our knowledge.

    We will also notice if you like it or not, will notice the number of times you wear it and will take great pride if you do, even just to please us.

  10. We perceive your emotions, we listen to your words and ideas and enjoy your humor.

    We love it when you make fun of us. Do it more often.

  11. We consider that people do change, they evolve, they become better with the help of other people.

    Relationships are dynamic and both partners need to actually feel something good can come out of changing something that can be troublesome in the long run.

  12. We’d rather let you win most of our quarrels because we respect the message you’re trying to convey – something might have bothered you.

    We will definitely employ corrective tactics, rest assured. Truth is, there’s a big chance we will mess up again and again, and probably again until we finally get it right.

  13. We enjoy competition and love it when you win the games we play, it makes us feel proud.

  14. We enjoy time apart and our singular selves sometimes, also the company of male-only friends for a good-old casual banter.

  15. We often receive and enjoy attention from other women, casual touches, compliments, suggestive looks and smiles.

    We are flirted with and sometimes engage in flirts just to be nice. If we’re in a serious relationship, the thought of taking such interactions further is out of question.

  16. We have a sensual side, erotic fantasies and yes, we also watch sexy movies, and yes, we would love to take you on a wild ride, long prelude and everything.

  17. We make-do with little to no help sometimes, but we appreciate it if you help us out on your initiative.
  18. We enjoy your attention and we will reciprocate it with due diligence.
  19. We bring flowers for kisses, hugs and smiles.
  20. We need you to know that you are loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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