Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment Because There May Never Be One

Agnieszka P
Agnieszka P

The bulletproof way to miss out on your dreams is to wait for the perfect moment.

Most of the time our brain is not our best friend. We trick ourselves into believing that we are never ready.

Never ready to quit your job

Never ready to take that trip

Never ready to ask her out

When it’s time to make the most out of your time, there are only two states: doing nothing and doing something. Because doing something might be extremely painful for us we create a third state, a slight nuance between the two predefined ones. We call it “almost ready”.

Since we are children we are conditioned to think that we are never ready. We are not allowed to learn at our own pace because someone else holds power over what we should or shouldn’t learn at a certain age. Instead of being encouraged to explore our curiosities and ask questions we are taught to sit silent and pay attention. You can almost say that we were born ready but got tricked into an overdue illusion that we never were in the first place.

Knowledge is worthless. Unless you do something with it.

Acting on impulse without any understanding of what you want to accomplish is like jumping out of a plane without wearing a parachute. You still want to be around afterwards to talk about it. The problem, however, is that when we grow up we keep the illusion alive by never allowing ourselves to explore on our own. This is how consumerism thrives. It feeds on our insecurities that we are always missing something that’s right in front of us.

We look around and think that everyone else knows something we don’t and if we could just spot it then we would be ready. We feel like outsiders.

We consume information for the joy of consumption. And with the internet at the tip of our hands, it has never been easier. We brag about reading 3 books a week to appear more knowledgeable. We brag about the newest fitness program we bought as if that will make us instantly ripped tomorrow. We retweet Elon Musk quotes to feel 2% more entrepreneurial.

There is a universal law of order called the exchange rule. If you want value you must give value in return. We go on information binge and get constipated with too much “knowledge” that we amassed over the years in our quest to feel entitled to start. Many times, this results in the opposite. We feel more helpless than when we began.

Analysis paralysis sets in.

Take action then adjust accordingly.

To avoid spinning in the perpetual cycle of helplessness for all eternity you must learn to remove the excess clutter. That paralysing feeling you get in your gut is your cue to start. There is the possibility of greatness beyond the veil of illusion. Always planning protects you from doing the things that scare you. You never push your limits. You never grow. Instead, replace fear with excitement. Go ahead and do it. Say yes to opportunities and then figure it out as you go. It’s more efficient than psyching yourself out with imaginary scenarios.

Manage your input and output ratio. If you focus 100% on input and take zero action you’ve just embarked on a mental rollercoaster. You get tired, nauseous and might feel like puking from the invisible forces pulling you around. If you focus 100% on output without zero input you might just be fooling yourself into thinking that you are moving forward while in fact, you are spinning in circles. Find the optimum ratio that allows you to constantly learn while also putting that knowledge to action on a consistent basis.

When you stop chasing perfection, you become what you are looking for.

Get a paper and start writing.

Put on your running shoes.

Go up to her and say hi.

Whatever you choose to do in the end, don’t choose to never be ready. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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