Life Is like A Search Engine

You and I have something in common. We spend our days looking for answers.

It’s 2015 and when we have a question, we search online. You type your doubts into a search engine box that knows more about you than your best friend. It doesn’t judge you, so you trust it. You click search and you’re presented with way more solutions you even thought you needed.

You go to one site, and it’s not quite what you’re looking for; it sounded too much like an opinion or advice. After that, you see a site that you don’t even open, because you’ve read it before. You have already been down that road.

Then, you open another website, and after a while, you don’t know how you got so lost in it. You read articles not even related to your initial question, you watched a video and you shared it on Facebook. You are having fun and nothing is rushing you, so you keep on clicking some more. Whoa… you even subscribed to its weekly spammy e-mails! Something about this website feels really good right now, until you know you should stop wasting time and move on.

A search engine is exactly like life. You might be on the wrong website for a while, which is perfectly acceptable. It’s just a matter of realizing when to click that exit button… and just break up.

Sometimes we are using the wrong search tool, because if we really think about it, we don’t actually need images right now, we need maps… so, you pack up and move to a new city.

Maybe, you’re not finding what you need, because it isn’t something you solve on Google. However, until you stop using the same approach you will not discover exactly what you need… which in this case was to search YouTube for a ‘How To’ video instead.

In your online searches, what do you do when you can’t find the exact piece of information you need? You exit that website because eventually, you know you will find that one site that has the layout and design your eyes feel comfortable looking at.

There will be that one website that is the most-user friendly piece of technology you’ve ever used. You will end up on a site that you feel was created especially for you; the one that has all the answers you’re looking for. And that is the goal. To find the set of websites that will have everything you need… and that you’ll want to come back to over and over again.

It’s just like in life. Until you find that one neighborhood, that one job, that one relationship that you want to save to favorites and bookmark forever, you have the freedom to open new tabs, to close the wrong websites… and to just keep Googling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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