4 Simple Ways I Stay True To Myself (Who Cares What Other People Think)


The best piece of advice can be summarized by three simple words: “you do you.” Consequently, I’ve taken the privilege to self-advise myself. As expected by a career-driven Latin woman, I’ve self-tattooed a transparent sign in my forehead screaming “I do me.” The secret steps to this are as follow:

1. I know that I’m capable of obtaining anything only if I believe in myself.

.. and I need to confide in my capabilities and strengthen that inner confidence every. single. day.

Many scholars can explain why inner strength is the base for all success. I, on the other hand, will explain through two cases: not a single Olympics winner self-doubted their capabilities while killing their asses off, neither did Newton ever doubt his ability to change the world.

Inner strength is the key to success and maintaining such strength is step number one of “I do me”.

2. I am surrounded by people that don’t doubt my capabilities.

I don’t need people to constantly remind me why I’m capable of achieving my goals but I also have no time for someone blocking me from succeeding.

My close friends are my precious base of support. They constantly believe in me. The only way to thank them is with my own success (cause, obviously, actions are always better than words). So, my ultimate dream is to have a crazy get-together with all my weird best friends in our private yacht where we start crying and thanking each other for the life-long support. I will hire a really hot waiter to serve us real champagne to celebrate our real friendship and then get really drunk. That will be a tremendously well-deserved vacation.

3. I balance life.

Balance is also the key to success.

I realized this the day I got an e-mail informing me I was eligible to (fucking finally) graduate university right after I ran 3 miles at the treadmill and right before I had a bottle of wine. That day was perfect and this was due to my new degree, working out, and that flawless cold Moscato. Balancing my body, mind, and thirst has kept me moving forward.

4. I prioritize optimism.

I know the world is full of rainy days but I sure as hell also know rainbows are only possible in these rainy days. Excuse my cheesiness but why not enjoy the rainbow instead of running from the rain? Optimism is key to life. This mindset allows me to run towards my goal while smiling and enjoying the road towards success.

Being realistic and pessimistic might take less effort but, honey, staying at home is way more boring than dancing in the rain.

So, girls, “you do you”. Go and show the world what you are capable. I dare you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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