We Are Our Own Biggest Enemies

Alexa Mazzarello / Unsplash

Many of us are familiar with taking one pain away through the use of another pain. It could simply be digging your fingernails into your palm while getting a needle in the arm. A distraction from the original pain is something we all try to find. Though the way we hurt ourselves the most, is our attempts to distract from the pain that lives in our heads, and our hearts.

We are our biggest enemies.

We torture our minds to find out information we don’t really want to know. We ask people to tell us what has been said behind our backs. We creep ex-boyfriends and girlfriends social media in hopes to see them miserable when in reality we find them moving on. Then we creep the people they move on with. We dig deep into the lives of people that hurt us, to hurt ourselves more. 

Why do we do this? Why do we subject ourselves to more pain? What are we hoping to gain through finding out people who are no longer in our lives are happier that way? We hold onto “virtual” friendships over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and whatever form of social media that controls our lives on a daily basis.

Delete that boy that cheated on you, unfollow that girl who started the nasty rumor about you, stop constantly checking on people who you perceive to be doing better than you. We are all moving forward, every day is a new opportunity to start over. Just because one person is somewhere you haven’t reached yet doesn’t mean you are behind. 

Stop torturing your mind. Change the focus to yourself. People who aren’t in your life anymore, they are gone for a reason. New people will enter your life and bless you with new memories, adventures, and laughter. Make room in your head and your heart for these people. Because your constant obsession with one, two, maybe three people that aren’t even worth it, they are blocking your view of all the new potential people in your life.

Time to pack up the past into a small box and shove it in the attic, something to collect dust and be forgotten.

That new box of stuff, that’s Pandora’s box. TC mark

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