In 2018, Be Selfish

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Ryan Christodoulou

2018 will be my year to be selfish.

I promise to go to sleep when I’m tired instead of waiting for a text from the boy who is only texting me because she isn’t responding. I promise to wear makeup or no makeup, my hair up or down, comfy jeans or a sexy dress because it makes me happy. I promise to go to the gym and play my music loud and set new fitness goals because it makes me feel good.

I will sit in coffee shops by myself and not look up from my journal or book. I will turn off my phone and sip a cup of tea while I watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean. I will study until I’m satisfied with how much I know. I won’t pick up the phone call from the boy who ignored me just last week because if he was too busy for me then, I’m too busy for him now.

I am going to use my planner religiously. I am going to drink water like I know I’m supposed to, but rarely ever do enough. I am going to consume unnatural amounts of coffee and read good books under cozy blankets. I am going to make an effort to be organized. I am going to appreciate each day for what it is and be grateful for everything.

I am going to do everything that makes me happy. I am going to play with puppies, go on runs, write, drink coffee, take naps under warm blankets, lay on the beach, and bake chocolate chip cookies.

I deserve this.

2018 will be the year that I get to be selfish because I have spent every year before so worried about everybody else, pleasing everybody around me. 2018 will be the year that I learn what it means to be irrevocably happy and content being me and being by myself. I deserve to be selfish and you do too.

Let’s make it a pact and hold each other accountable. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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