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6 American Things I Wish We Had In Europe

Our leaders are busy marrying former models who slept with Mick Jagger and having pool parties with underage Slovenians. Meanwhile, Obama is singing at the AP dinner, wearing jeans while jogging outside of the Elysée Palace, and having a First Lady who mixes H&M with upcoming designer labels.

5 Best European Guilty Pleasure Foods

Except in Portugal, obviously, where the first thing you think about when you say “little French girl” is an oven-baked sandwich with five different meat types, burger cheese and an egg on top, served with its marvelous homemade ketchup-whisky-and-tabasco sauce.

How To Study Abroad Without Being An Ugly American

You won’t be able to impress anyone with your extended two-word knowledge of their language and won’t ever hear the sentence “Oh my god!!! Your accent is so. cute.” You don’t want to miss all those precious chances of getting laid!