4 Reasons Why Rock Bottom Is The Best Place To Be

It’s not every day when something happens that causes you to completely change your life around.

There is a defining moment in each of our lives that determine the before and after. The before mark forces us to look back at our past and see why things are the way they are through the decisions and choices we’ve made. The after mark leaving us relieved that we can now connect the dots to see how what we went through led us to where we’re at today. But the hardest part is the in-between stage, or being left at rock bottom.

1. Rock bottom is the best place to be because it forces you to look inside of yourself as a person.

When you lose the one thing that you never thought you would it causes you to step back and re-evaluate your life in a completely different light.

Whether it’s losing the person you never imagined your life without or a job that you worked so hard to achieve, you’re forced to start back at what feels like square one. Then this one life-changing event shatters you in a million pieces that feels like they can never be glued back together. It causes you to truly look inside of yourself as a person and determine who you want to be and portray yourself as, no matter the loss you’ve endured.

2. Rock bottom is the best place to be because it reveals who is truly there for you.

There’s no better time that allows you to see who truly cares about you then a time when you’re at an ultimate rock bottom level. When you reach that point of complete hopelessness it’s almost like the universe outreaches a hand towards you and brings people into your life that you could’ve never imagined possible.

Sometimes the people you least expect can also make their way back into your life. Although everybody may not understand the place you’re in, the hard times are a little easier to endure when you know somebody has your back.

3. Rock bottom is the best place to be because it helps you appreciate the little things.

When you’re in a place where it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and when all you want to do is sleep constantly, you start to appreciate the little things like you may have never before.

Instead of focusing on the initial problem or life-alternating event that has happened, it’s easier to start focusing your energy and thoughts on the little things. Whether it’s something such as small as the sun shining or a hot shower, it allows you to take your direct focus off the one thing that’s destroying you.

4. Rock bottom is the best place to be because you walk out stronger than ever.

If you weren’t left to completely rebuild your life and who you are as a person, you wouldn’t be who you are today. Life provides us with a series of challenges and experiences and the true test is how we walk through them.

When life provides us with a before and after, it’s essentially up to us to decide how we’re going to deal the cards we were dealt. Although the initial days and for a while may seem dark, it’s up to us to convince ourselves and believe that the reward is so much greater than the struggle. That one day, somewhere along the way everything is going to make complete sense. That we will be able to look back, when we’ve walked out of rock bottom, and see how each dot connects to the bigger picture leaving us to some of the brightest and best days of our lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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