The Five Types Of Guys You Will Date Before Finding The One

1. The beautiful but boring guy

This is the guy that is very easy on the eyes, but doesn’t know how to hold a conversation to save his life. You’ll instantly be drawn to his exceedingly good looks, but everything else about him completely bores you. You like the idea of him, but will quickly come to find that his personality is an overall dud. He’s fun to look at, but that’s just about all he has going for him.

2. The ultimate fuckboy

This the the guy that never fails to hit you up after hours every weekend to “hang out” or “chill”, but never thinks twice to speak to you at a normal hour. This is the guy who’s looking to strictly get laid. And you surely aren’t only one on his radar. He’ll be extremely smooth, and exceedingly charming. You know, just enough to get you hooked. He knows how make you feel special by showering you with pretended compliments and constant reassurance. But, the truth of the matter is that in reality, he’s just looking for one thing, and one thing only. (HINT: that certainly isn’t a girlfriend.)

3. The stage-5 clinger

This guy will be totally ALL about you, but in an obsessive, neurotic kind of way. It’s obviously that he’s far more into you than you are him, but he still doesn’t know how to take a hint. He’s the type of guy that’ll blow up your phone if you don’t respond to his text message right away. He wants to control you and make you his. He’s clingy in all the wrong ways. He constantly needs reassurance that you’re into him or else he goes haywire and the outcome is not very pretty.

4. The one that got away

This guy seems like a dream come true. He wins you over with his looks and personality and everything about the two of you just seems to click. You might think you’ve finally found the one. But, somehow, some way, he slips away. You will always wonder the “what ifs” and ask yourself why things didn’t end up working out. This guy sort of seems too good to be true, which is often because he is. (Here’s a little reminder for you; He’s gone for a reason, even if the reason isn’t clear just yet)

5. The game player

This guy will know exactly how to mess with your head just enough to make you feel like you’re the one who’s crazy. He’ll manipulate you in ways you didn’t think were possible. He will be super flaky and undoubtedly inconsistent. And will know how to talk his way out of just about anything and everything. He’ll never follow through with plans, and will go MIA for days or even weeks at a time without thinking anything of it. This is the guy that appears to be so smooth, knowing just what say to keep you waiting around. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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