33 Things You Should Go Thank Your Bestie For Right Now


1. For listening to hours and hours of my guy drama. And never judging me for it.

2. For accepting me as part of your family and loving my family as your own.

3. For giving me raw, honest advice rather than sugar coating it. Even when it’s the very last thing that I want to hear.

4. For cock-blocking when me when I was way too drunk to function. (You’re right, he wasn’t even that cute.)

5. For always getting me home safely. And never failing to come through with the “You make it home?” text after a night out.

6. For putting up with all my shit.

7. For providing me with your gracious words of wisdom.

8. For understanding when life gets hectic and I need space, and still loving me the same.

9. For having my back when I’m not around to defend myself.

10. For believing in my wildest dreams, even when I do not.

11. For always going along with my spontaneous, crazy ideas and never thinking twice about it.

12. For sticking up for me, even when I’m in the wrong.

13. For knowing exactly what to say to make things better in any given moment.

14. For being honest when my outfit, makeup, or hair looks like total sh*t.

15. For advising me not to take that last Tequila shot that I definitely don’t need.

16. But still throwing one back with me anyways.

17. For breaking me out of my shell.

18. For letting me wear all of your clothes, shoes, and raid your fridge at all hours of the day. You the real MVP.

19. For all the drunken heart-to-hearts about life.

20. For taking those pictures I bitched about at the time, but now are memories that will last a lifetime.

21. For all those triple-chinned Snapchat selfies we both have gotten so great at.

22. For never judging my life choices. Even the dumbest of choices.

23. For always keeping it real.

24. For your endless amount of support with every little thing I do in life.

25. For holding me accountable for myself. And keeping me on track.

26. For holding my hair back when I’m too drunk to hold it myself.

27. For being totally fine when “hanging out” means laying together in bed on our phones in total silence.

28. For telling me how much of a douchebag that guy is, and how I’m way better off without him.

29. For being a built-in 24-hour texting buddy. And for being completely down with me sending multiple texts in a row to get your attention.

30. For going out of your way for me, even when it is not convenient for you.

31. For telling me everything that I need to hear, even when I really don’t want to hear it.

32. For answering my phone calls at 3 am when I just need someone to talk to.

33. For loving me unconditionally, for the hot mess that I am. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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