10 Ugly Habits Of Modern Dating We All Have To Deal With

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1. Some people are only looking for a hookup, but won’t make that known from the start. And if you’re the one that’s interested in pursuing more than that, sucks to suck. And even if you express it to that person, they still won’t tell you that they’re the wrong person for you. Well, only except after the deed has been done, of course.

2. Social media is slowly killing us. It stirs up temptations and opportunities to easily cheat. It creates the idea of having other options at the palm of our hands. Which sometimes will lead to feeling bored with the person you’re currently with. Ya know, because the grass is always greener…

3. Making phone calls rarely exists anymore. More likely than not, most of your relationship’s communication will happen over text messages. Which in all reality, is THE most detached, impersonal form of interaction humanly possible.

4. There is a very slim chance that you will be asked out on a legitimate date. “Let’s chill” and “Wanna hang out?” are two common phrases that actually mean “let’s hookup”.

5. People can and will blatantly ignore you. “Read at 7:18 pm” or “Opened”, there are so many newfound way to hurt each other’s feelings. Instead of telling a person you’re not interested in them, you just ignore them until hopefully they fade away on their own.

6. They didn’t lose or break their phone- the text message you sent to them, in fact, DID go through. And yes, they did receive it. They just didn’t want to answer. Point blank.

7. Mixed signals are the most common signals in any relationship. In order to gain someone’s undivided attention, you want them to think you’re uninterested. And although it makes no sense, whatsoever, we believe that the more unattached we appear to that person, the more they will want us.

8. The chase never ends. You want someone until they want you. And when you finally get what you wanted to badly, you don’t really want it so bad after all. The chase never ends, it actually just gets longer and longer.

9. We all want to be the one who cares less. The person who cares less has all the power. We don’t want to be the one who cares more, so we act as if we don’t care at all. Caring is considered to be clingy. Being unattached is cool. You know the drill.

10. You never really know a person, until you do. If you’re casually seeing someone with no strings attached, they are likely hiding some important information about themselves from you. And that’s because we don’t want to share the darker, deeper parts of who we are with someone who is only here temporarily. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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