10 Unmistakeable Signs The Boy You’re Dating Is A Total Fuckboy

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1. He initiates a plan to hangout but never actually follows through with them.

He’ll act as if he’s dying to see you, but when the time comes to he’ll go completely MIA or come up with some ridiculous excuse as to why he can’t make it. But he promises next time, for sure!

2. He’ll disappear for days without you hearing a word from him.

And when he finally gets in touch with you he offers no sort of explanation. It’s almost like it’s perfectly normal for him to go MIA for long periods of time and resurface like nothing happened.

3. When you’re together, he’s attached to his phone like a magnet.

He’s always texting other people when you’re hanging out, and they’re def not all his bros.

4. He only communicates with you through Snapchat.

Let’s be real, Snapchat is the new and upcoming way to ruin a perfectly sensible relationship. It’s a way for us to lie, cheat, and talk to whoever the hell we want and easily get away with it. When he’s sending you messages via Snapchat, it really just means he wants to hide the evidence that you ever even had a conversation. In a twisted way, it’s almost genius.

5. He only talks to you “after hours”.

AKA he doesn’t really care how your day is going, what he really cares to know is that you’re down for a late night booty call sash later tonight.

6. His friends and family have no clue who the hell you are.

And that’s because he doesn’t tell them about you. Or care to. If he’s just sleeping with you, chances are he isn’t raving about you to his friends. Or if he is, it’s bragging about how great you are in bed.

7. He doesn’t want to be seen in public with you.

He’s likely keeping you a hidden secret and doesn’t want anybody else to know about it. He doesn’t ask you on real dates, the only date you’ve been on is straight to his bedroom.

8. He constantly begs you to send him nudes.

Even though he’s very well seen the real deal, he always is asking for you to send him nudes to “hold him over” until next time. Ladies, just keep in mind that for every naked picture you send to him, he’s getting about 10 more from other chicks.

9. He talks poorly about all of his exes or says they were “crazy”.

He’s entirely convinced that all of his exes have wronged him in some sort of way. He’s always playing the victim. They’re all just bat shit crazy, duh!

10. He doesn’t believe in labels.

He says that they’re useless. He doesn’t call you his girlfriend or initiate any desire to pursue a real relationship with you. Realistically, he just wants to keep you around until the next best fling comes along. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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