15 Everyday Signs You’re Definitely An INFJ

infj signs
Annie Gray

INFJ; Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

This type is one of the rarest personalities from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Being an INFJ has it’s perks, but it makes finding other people who understand the way your brain works that much more difficult.

1. And you have no problem doing so. You don’t hold like to hold grudges often, but if someone doesn’t add any positive value to your life, you have no problem cutting them off. They are dead to you.

2.Every single possible outcome to everything scenario constantly controls your mind. You are a deep thinker. You think about every interaction and every single word said, constantly searching for some sort of hidden agenda or underlying meaning. Overanalyzing is kind of your thing.

3. You never feel like you are reaching your fullest potential.

4. You want to help everyone become a better version of themselves.

5. You are a creative soul. You find happiness in books or photographs. Your mind is always craving to learn more. And you believe that there is always more learning to be done.

6. You can’t seem to find a romantic partner to fit all of your expectations. You don’t settle. And the smallest thing about someone can turn you off completely.

7. You hate asking for help. You’re the kind of person who’d rather figure everything out on your own instead of asking for assistance from someone else.

8. You hate to admit to being judgmental of others, but sometimes you can’t help but be. And it’s one of your most hated characteristics about yourself.

9. You like to think before you act. Impulsive behavior just isn’t really your thing. You’re always ten steps ahead, planning your next move.

10. You don’t need to be saved, ever. You can save yourself.

11. You feel like an outcast at times. But you’re okay with playing that role. You’ve always been the weird kid and the odd one out.

12. You come across as being stuck up or rude at first because people don’t realize how introverted and shy you really are. You are super friendly but it doesn’t always come across that way at first.

13. You prefer to spend your time alone. As confusing as it sounds, you feel most lonely when around other people. You feel most content when you’re by yourself.

14. You remember the details. You are detail-oriented. You vividly remember people, places, and things that most would easily forget..

15. Others can tell how awkward you can really be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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