The Heartbreaking Truth About What It Really Means To Lose Your ‘Forever Person’

when you lose your person
Erik Cid

People talk about losing your ‘forever’ person. But they don’t tell you what to expect when it happens to you. The truth is that sometimes love works in mysterious, yet unfortunate ways. And sometimes those ways won’t play in our favor.

Sometimes the people we thought would be with us indefinitely are the ones we have to let go of. And often times for reasons that are far beyond our control.

Losing your ‘forever’ person is an indescribable feeling, and honestly can only be truly understood by experiencing it for yourself. But even then, it’s bittersweet. And difficult to put it into words.

How do you let go of your ‘forever person’? Is it even possible?

When I lost my forever person I discovered more about myself than I had in my entire lifetime.

I learned that popular to the contrary belief, sometimes things don’t always happen for a reason.

Sometimes we make mistakes that we must live with for the rest of our lives.

And that because love is such an intense an emotion, sometimes it leads us to make poor choices. Choices that hurt the people we love the most. But, I learned that mistakes are meant to teach us how to love better. How to love smarter. And that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as we learn from them as time goes on.

I learned that love is far from easy. And that sometimes when things start to get tough, people will run. And I learned that even as badly you want to, you shouldn’t chase them when they do.

I learned that love is wildly confusing. And maybe that’s because we think love is always supposed to end in happily ever after. When our emotions are scattered all over the place, we want to test the depth of our love and see if we can push it to the point of breaking before ultimately we break ourselves.

I learned that love is not rational. It’s groundless, senseless, and illogical. It’s anything but rational.

I learned that love can really take over your entire being. It makes you do and think some wacky stuff. I’ve learned that just like everything, including life itself, it does not always last. It’s the closest thing to perfection we have in life.

And no matter how devastating the end might be, love will always be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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