20 Everyday Things Only Introverts Will Be Able To Relate To

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1. You’re riding on the train by yourself, and then some ungodly person sitting in the seat next to yours starts a conversation with you.

2. When people pressure you to be more social and go out more often, even if you say no.

3. When people make you feel like a loner for always wanting to do things by yourself.

4. When you hype yourself up to go out and do something fun and exciting, but those good feelings don’t last long enough and you want to crawl in a hole and die instead.

5. When you are desperately trying to leave a social gathering but the people you came with are extroverts who enjoy socializing for hours on end.

6. When the teacher tells the class that “today we are going to break into groups of four….”

7. When you can’t avoid a small talk scenario so you wind up saying something really dumb and awkward.

8. Going on a trip or mini vacation where you know that you won’t be able to be alone for a very long period of time.

9. When you’re forced to bear people around you constantly gossiping and socializing about pointless drama.

10. When your friends think that you’re purposely avoiding them but in reality you just just want to be alone. And having to explain that to like, everybody.. at all times.

11. You spend a lot of your nights with feelings of FOMO because you’re constantly declining invitations to go out. And on the rare occasion when you do decide to go out, you want to teleport back home immediately.

12. When a stranger makes direct eye contact and you just like, can’t. So you feel like a shady, terrible person.

13. Walking down an empty hallway and one other person is coming from the opposite direction. And they initiate eye contact with you.

14. Being packed in an extremely crowded bar or confined area with no escape or elbow room.

15. When you tell the salesperson you don’t need help finding something but you actually have no clue what the hell you’re even looking for.

16. When people stop inviting you places because you keep canceling plans. It’s hard when you want to be social but can’t keep up with other people’s social energy.

17. The awkwardness of being in a silent elevator with a complete stranger. And its even more terrifying when they try and talk with you.

18. When you want to leave your apartment but your neighbors are standing in the hallway.

19. Sucking at responding to text messages because sometimes you literally don’t want to talk…to anyone.

20. Going back and forth between wanting to be noticed for your accomplishments and then panicking over the thought of being noticed and receiving direct attention for more than 60 seconds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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