30 Things Every Smart Girl Knows Are Way Better Than Having A Boyfriend

Priscilla du Preez

Our entire generation feels compelled to find love. If you have the “perfect” relationship you’re considered to be one of the lucky ones. But, why do we always glamorize being in love in your 20s? What about all the other wonderful parts of life? Why don’t we talk about all the incredible things that life has to offer us that have absolutely nothing to do with being in a relationship?

1. Happy hour.

2. Carbs. All. Of. The Carbs. Anybody order a pizza?

3. Drunken heart-to-hearts with your best friend. Girls night turns into drunken slob-la-bob fest and you’re pouring your heart out to your bestie. Those are the best kind of nights.

4. Queso dip. Enough said.

5. Taco Tuesday. (And don’t forget the frozen margaritas)

6. Burt’s bees chapstick. And when you miraculously use an entire tube of it before you get the chance to misplace it. That’s a rarity.

7. Making new friends unexpectedly. The best friendships come when you least expect it. Hold onto those people forever.

8. Freshly cleaned sheets. Getting in your bed after you wash your sheets is like, THE best thing ever.

9. Drinking a bottle of wine yourself. A few glasses of wine will always turn into a few bottles of wine, and no one is there to judge.

10. Getting to travel or move anywhere in the world without feeling restrained. Catch flights, not feelings ladies.

11. Semi-annual sales at Victoria’s Secret. 7 for $27 panties anyone!?

12. Your parents. They’re your biggest fans. And they’ll be there for you far after that stupid boy is.

13. Fitting into an old pair of jeans. When you squeeze your booty into a pair of jeans for 4 years ago. Winning.

14. Pooping in peace. Hallelujah. Pooping is the time to scroll aimlessly through your Instagram feed.

15. Guacamole. And when it’s NOT extra $.

16. Singing obnoxiously in the car with your best friend. Car rides, windows down, music up. Having your own karaoke show with your best friend is sometimes all you need.

17. The entire bed to yourself. NOT ever having to share blankets or pillows with a dude.

18.Online shopping. And not feeling guilty about it. It’s only money, right?

19. Eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s with absolutely no shame. What’s a serving size? There’s no such thing when it comes to ice cream, right?

20. Lying in bed all day Sunday with your best friend. Hangover city on a Sunday morning. “I’m never drinking again” kind of mornings. Again, classic.

21. Memes that you can totally relate to. Sending your best friend 100 memes per day. That’s the indicator if they’re really your best friend or not.

22. Learning that rejection isn’t a reflection on you. It’s just another part of life. If someone doesn’t like you, screw them. You’re great the way you are.

23. Laughing until you cry. Finding people who can make you laugh until you pee your pants. Those are the types of people you want to keep around forever.

24. Remembering to do the “little” things you always put off.

25. Discovering new talents that you never knew you had. I’M good at that!? Who would have known….

26. Being independent and forming friendships and relationships because you choose to do so, not because you’re reliant upon them.

27. Having a kick-ass career. Being financially stable on your own and never relying on a boy to help you achieve that.

28. Not having to explain yourself to anybody, ever. Being able to go where you want, when you want, with who you want. Not having to answer to a nagging boyfriend, ever.

29. Movie marathons. And not having to watch anything you don’t want to watch, ever. Shamelessly binge watching Gossip girl or Shameless without having to switch between basketball and sports center while doing so.

30. Realizing that the list above is just for fun, but knowing that life without having a boyfriend is still pretty damn amazing. Your knight in shining armor will come when he is meant to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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