5 Reasons Why Being Environmentally Conscious Leads A Happier, Easier, And More Affordable Life

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After taking the trash out every few days to apartment dumpster, bag three of the week barely fit in the bin and spilled the contents on the ground. There lie the lint balls from the dyer, the excessive paper towels, the cardboard food packages, receipts from my gas fill-ups and shampoo bottles. Picking up piece by piece with only thumb and index fingers, I assessed that avoiding small efforts were not contributing toward an easier or cheaper life.

1. Fewer trips to the gas station.

I’m spending way too much at the gas pump, not to save my receipts for a tax return. However, my car being relatively new and said to get 40 miles per gallon. My computer reads my mileage averages 29 miles per gallon, while my partner’s average 36 mpg. What is he doing differently? Cruise control, I uncovered after stalking his driving technique. I can maximize a steady speed conserving gas by omitting less pollution.

2. Hang dry your whites in the peak sunlight hours.

Before I had a laundry facility, I did laundry at my mom’s house. She used to hang my white bras outside and she insisted the sun bleached the fabric brighter. My $10 ZARA white tees returned to the original state without the bleach damage and limited energy used.

3. The fresher the food, the less packaging used.

Fourth of July barbecues and leftovers of sausages and chips teetered the scale five pounds heavier. Make the produce section your main stop in the grocery store and conserve the waste and accumulated carbohydrates.

4. The B word. Remember your Bags, out of principle.

We voted for it, we hate bags and we hate how the bag boy fills a cart of groceries into four massive bags if yours were forgotten. The money for the bags goes straight back to the store for profit, where each 40 cent hiccup should be applied money back to environment conservation.

5. Save water and save your relationship.

Couples who share activities and chores maintain bonding times, that require a bit of effort. They become less resentful of duties if exercised together. Tending the garden or helping with dishes attribute towards the companionship factor in a thriving relationship. One can wash and the other can dry using tea towels by reducing the use of paper towels. Intimate activities as showers and teeth brushing may deepen the connection without sparking a drought. TC mark


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