With You, Love Meant More

Tim Stief
Tim Stief

You said you weren’t like him, the one who lead her on.

Yet you held her like she was yours.

You said he never saw how amazing she is.

But to you she was simply not enough.

You said he’s a fool to have let her go,

When you never even took a chance with her.

You said that though he fought for her, his love was not strong enough.

Yours, it was kept in the dark.

Because you said you loved her when you were already loving someone else.

She never expected to fall for you, nor did you. Yet you continued loving her, nevertheless you never stood up for that love. You cannot love two persons both at the same time and there is never the same love twice, they say. So she knew better than to continue loving you.

You believed the two of you would be great together. You were willing to take a chance, even when you were still with someone. You had one foot on the dock and one foot on the boat. She knew there was no chance.

And this crushed her more now than ever before.

But your every touch was more powerful.

All emotions were ten times stronger.

And with you, she was euphoric and contented.

You had her confused and at a loss.

You had her heart skipping a beat.

But also shattered it into a million pieces.

So when you said you didn’t want to be like him, yes, you were not.

You were different.

Because with you it was so much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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