Let Me Be Your Everything


Let me show you what you’re worthy of, let me hold you.
In the darkest of your days, make me your light.
When it has become impossible to believe, believe in me
– let me be your reason to believe.
With me, see that reality is bigger than your dreams.
I can make that little spark of hope burst into its brightest flames.
Give me the liberty to break down your walls
and show you the unspeakable beauty of life
I can bring back the ideals you’ve let go, the ideals you once embraced.
I will awaken the feelings you never knew existed,
the kind you never thought you were capable of feeling.

When you grow cold, I will be your warmth.
I can take away, if not turn, all the pain into sweet sanity.
I can take you to the depths of the deepest sea
the highest of mountains, to the skies.

With me, you can be anyone – be both at your worse and best.
With me, you can be invincible, or vulnerable.
I can be your madness.
Make me your choice, your stand, and I will forever live to be your sun, the myriad stars,
the air you breathe, the wind that kisses your skin, and your light amidst the dark nights.

I am here, see me, feel me, take me.
Take my hand and walk with me.
Let’s run away, we can get lost together.
We will live in the now, and if you wish, even till forever.

Let me be your all, or at the very least, your ONE good thing.

I can, and I will. Only if you let me, only if you take a chance with me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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