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Jobless 20-Something? Here’s What You Need To Do

Millions of people want to be in the NBA. But only 500 or so people each year have what it takes to be in the NBA. And you know what? Half those players are on the bench all the time. This is how everything works and odds are that you aren’t talented enough to make it as a writer, a top-tier surgeon or lawyer, entrepreneur, or whatever.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Freedom Kills People?

You don’t give kids a lot of freedom. Kids are too impressionable and vulnerable for freedom. You don’t give a 7-year-old the right to buy alcohol, get married, or drive their bike too far from the neighborhood (let alone drive a car) because the consequences would be catastrophic.

The Parable Of The Window

The next day my landlord called and told me it was illegal in New York City for windows to be able to open fully, citing “The New York Health Code Section 131.15.”

How To Understand Your Neighbor

If your favorite show is 30 Rock, you read Thought Catalog, and you wear jeans and a t-shirt at work while you stare a computer screen all day, you are quite likely to have a very different 5,000-word speaking vocabulary from someone whose favorite show is South Park, favorite site is Bleacher Report, and wears a uniform all day while they operate heavy machinery.

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