Ungrounded Predictions For The Next Decade

Recession will become the norm outside of the coastal cities. Costal cities will be hit hard though.

2013 will be 1910.

Dictatorships will become increasingly powerful in the East. The Middle East will remain a wildcard.

…The privatization of space travel…

Everything thought to be progressive will move towards total involution.


Amazon will become the new Apple/Walmart.

The LGBT community will become the new conservatives and perhaps more than any other group bring back traditional family values and morality.

Wall Street will remain corrupt. Or completely crash.

Violence (domestic and international) will intensify.  Steven Pinker will need to revisit his thesis.

A new kind of cell phone service will emerge that will give the major players a run for their money. Think a turnkey mobile Skype.

Obama will leave a positive legacy according to the people who write history books. No one will find any meaning in history books though.

A lot of middle class people will regret voting for Obama.

Higher education will continue to grow, despite being indentured servitude. Homeschooling will increase. Ad-hoc, unofficial vocational colleges will become the safest path to secure a good job.

To cut costs, more companies are going require people work from home. Suburbia will become hip.

Culture wars will intensify. The tumult will be energizing for all parties.

Most Millennials, particularly those in the middle and upper middle class, will continue to face pseudo-poverty for their whole lives. They won’t get it, until it’s too late. But they never cared anyway.

“Cognitive prejudice” will become a core social issue.

Post-humanism will begin to enter mainstream consciousness and people will start to understand what is really at stake in religious debates.

…The Third World…

Europe will continue to flounder. Mexico will do well.

Americanism will persist, but it won’t be tied to the physical geography of the United States. Americanism will persist through small independent tribes working electronically and across the globe.

New energy sources will become available. They will propel incredible progress, and innumerable new problems.

Everything will just be fine. Granted, we keep this in mind. Never in the history of humanity has everything been fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Image – Albert Maignan

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