A Violent Screaming Playlist

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The history of music, it seems, is a crescendo. Parents have always said “turn off this trash” to their kids because as time marches on the sounds get louder, more virile, more violent.  From the ancient Greek symposiums, to The Rolling Stones at Altamon, to the deafening stadium rock of today; our collective wailing (and celebrating) from this little blue rock in space is becoming increasingly more pronounced and amplified.  It is almost as if — we keep trying to make our music louder and louder so someone “out there” might hear us. We’re trying to send noise, a sign of life, to outer regions of the universe.

This playlist is a collection of these projections. What it amounts to is an asymmetrical, yet deliberate, blend of nu-metal, noise, progressive rock, post-hardcore, and electronic experiments. It begins with tracks and artists traditionally known for their loud squelching — one song features a prolonged scream for over 30 seconds, a hallmark staple of metal music. Then it marches towards stranger territory, a queller, but still aggressive, mood marked by lush noise and cacophony. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Yeah Yeah Yeahs by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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