A Story That Is 126 Words

“Perspective is everything.” That is what your friend is saying.

Now, your friend is saying it’s not raining outside.

You go outside and let the rain drench you. You’re saying: LOOK IT IS RAINING. You’re soaked.

Your friend says, “It’s not raining above the cloud. It’s sunny there.” Then reminds you that what is falling from the sky is not rain. The letters, R-A-I-N, are not falling. The phonetics (rān) are not falling from the sky. Something else is falling.

You pull out a knife. Run over to your friend. And cut his tongue out. “It’s raining God damn it,” you say, as you throw his tongue into the wet ditch.

You’ve won the argument and tell him “perspective might be everything, but knowledge is power.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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