5 Genuine Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With The Wolverine

Days Of Future Past
Days Of Future Past

With the recent release of X- Men Days of Future Past, it goes without saying that the onscreen presence of Wolverine (or better yet Hugh Jackman) awakens a certain region in the female brain that’s partly responsible for igniting our physical desire for him. Wolverine has managed to capture the attention from females of all ages and sent us on a manhunt every Halloween night in finding a dressed up version of  the Wolverine.  Granted, his impeccable physique, perfectly rugged beard and chiseled jawline are definite factors that play into our attraction towards him. Yet, our obsession doesn’t stem solely from us romanticizing the handsome looks and heroic qualities from the Marvel Men we see on the big screen (which truth be told Peter Parker’s cute boy looks and Superman’s grandiose muscular strength doesn’t phase us in the same way Wolverine does.) We all know they’re fictional characters who possess “superhero” qualities that aren’t realistic. Yet, the underlying reasons of our obsession with the Wolverine goes beyond the surface of mere physicality and super strength, rather it extends to humane qualities and character traits that can be found in your average person. With that being said, here’s 5 reasons why we’re obsessed with the character of Wolverine :

 1. His tenacious personality.

There’s no denying that when watching Wolverine in action, tenacity and fortitude go hand in hand . He’s not one to shyly stray away from his fears and refrain from fighting for what (or who) he wants, instead he’ll seek and pursue like no other.  Despite his mutant tendencies, just like everyone else he has his downfalls that make him feel inadequate, but his persistence and tenacity are what keep him going. Sure he may be overly aggressive at times, but that’s the mutant in him, which just goes to show how he’s not an idealized “superhero” but rather one that comes with flaws. His anti hero tendencies and persistence leaves us with feelings of adulation and fantasies overplaying in our minds 24/7.

2. He doesn’t take sh*t from anyone.

Let’s rewind to X-Men First Class where his 20 second cameo performance of enunciating the 3 worded expression “go fuck yourself” to the younger Charles Xavier and Magneto at a bar with a cigar in his hand created a lasting impact. His brief appearance was enough to make us fall in love with him instantly. No, it wasn’t because of his vulgar language but rather it was his overall badass demeanor that he exuded. As a superhero, he’s probably one of the most celebrated for his “anti- authority” tendencies. It’s no secret that most women find the archetype of a “bad boy” quite alluring. This is a man with balls, who won’t take crap from anybody and isn’t afraid to speak his mind or allow anyone to step all over him. He’s the opposite of a doormat, the type to stand his ground and someone you probably wouldn’t want to get on their bad side with, but overall, he’s a prime example of someone who values himself enough to know when to bring out that brooding temper in order to set a message straight.

3. Behind his tough demeanor, exists a sensitive chap.

As the age old saying goes “ the people with the toughest exteriors are oftentimes the most sensitive.” We get a glimpse into the true nature of the Wolverine in The eponymous film series which focuses less on his tough guy demeanor that’s at the forefront of his persona and more on his humane side as “Logan” .It provides a deeper look into his psychological states and reveals his sensitive side towards the one he loves while also shedding light on how deeply inflicted he is. Put it this way, he’s immortal which means he has to live with all the torment, pain and loss he’s had to experience throughout the entirety of his immortal life. He’s not some unstoppable force that can’t be reckoned with; rather, he’s susceptible to being emotionally scarred and needs “time” as a healer to bring himself back to his A-game. Much of his torment stems from his tumultuous relationship with the telepathic mutant Jean Grey, which like most superhero flicks, had to end in the most dramatic heartbreaking way. It takes more strength for Wolverine to let go of his pride and break down those walls by exposing his emotional vulnerabilities than to keep up a tough demeanor on a constant basis as a way to protect himself from potential pain. There’s nothing hotter than a man who isn’t afraid to let his guard down and  turn down his tough guy demeanor every now and then.

4. He’s a warrior by day and a lover by night.

Being a warrior can mean many things, but generally speaking it’s associated with the ability to protect someone in an unconditional way. You don’t need to have superhero powers to be a warrior, rather all it takes is great interest and care towards another person.  The Wolverine happens to be both: a warrior and a lover. His warrior status is reflected by his unflinching desire to protect those around him and his lover status is displayed through his bedroom behavior. As much as we all know he’s a fictional superhero who has vicious knife claws that can savage any being on the face of the earth, he’s pretty damn sensual in the sack. You’d think he’d be mega violent but instead, he’s passionate and one can’t help but admire how he manages to mesh both sensuality and rawness together that makes for quite the desirable man.

5. He chooses to be a lone wolf and create his own path, rather than follow everyone else’s.

The character of Wolverine may be derived from the actual animal, which is known for its independent and ferocious behavior, but one can’t help notice how he exhibits qualities of a lone wolf as well. Similar to a lone wolf, the wolverine separates himself from the pack but still has some ties to them. His lone wolf tendencies are characterized by his independence and need to reserve himself from the mutant crew to do his “own thing”. We see this in The X-Men series where he initially has a hard time choosing to become a member of the X-Men crew and following their conventions. Most of the time he doesn’t abide by the rules and chooses to create his own “game plan” which is reflective of his anti- authority persona. Despite his rebellious ways, he still willingly joins in to help them out and often times his unconventional mode of thinking allows him to lead the rest of the X-men crew and be the right hand to Charles Xavier. His ability to think outside the box , be on his own and not get easily influenced by a group are distinguishable characteristics that make him so appealing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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