To The Next Guy Who Will Win Her Heart

girl and guy walking together
Dane Deaner

I felt like I needed to write this down before I put my year to a close. So with trembling hands, here I go.

My past articles were all about “the one”, and I know that it is too early for me to declare something like that, but studies show that you have probably met the person you will marry at the age of 16.

Maybe I already met her, but we escalated our relationship too quickly, and now I can never have her back. What I thought to be my destiny came too early, and failed too early.

I fucked up big time by losing the most loyal, gorgeous, kind-hearted, strong and independent woman I’ll ever encounter. She was the embodiment of my “ideal girl”, and to be honest I’m too way out of her league. I don’t even know how I got her in the first place.

2017 gave me a lot of heartbreaks. From my passion, to my dream, and she was the hardest lost yet. It was a tough year, but for me to start a new fresh chapter, I need to flip the page and accept things I never imagined.

To the next guy who will own her heart, make her believe in love again.

I’m an ass for breaking her heart, and I’m more of an ass if I’d ask you to fix it. I know she can fix it by herself, but by entrusting it to you, all I plead is for you to take good care of it.

Don’t break it like I did.

If she gives you her trust, keep it. Treasure every moment you’ll spend with her, because one day you will realize how important she is, and maybe that one day will be too late.

I don’t want you to experience the grief of losing one of the best girls you’ll encounter in your lifetime.

She’ll be telling you stories about her life, secrets that are confidential, and endless rants about the problems she had encounter in her day-to-day living. Listen to each and everyone of them, because what may seem a simple story to you, means the world to her.

Never get tired of her. She can be annoying at times, but that is the best part. Savor every chance you can get to make her feel loved. She needs it.

Now, I’m not writing this to instruct you on how to treat her. I’m writing this to tell you that she is worth a shot. Worth the trouble. And most importantly, worth to love.

If you treat her right, she’ll be one of the most memorable and unforgettable girlfriend you’ll ever have.

The lady I consider to be my “the one” is in your hands, brother. I wish you two good luck for the months to come this 2018. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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